Integration with virtual PBX "Binotel" (Binotel) for BAS configurations on managed forms (Small business, KUP, ERP, UT 3, UNF, AlfaAuto 6, СRM 3.0, Accounting)

Integration with virtual PBX "Binotel" (Binotel) for BAS configurations on managed forms (Small business, KUP, ERP, UT 3, UNF, AlfaAuto 6, СRM 3.0, Accounting)

UAH 3 000 and more
Интеграция с виртуальной АТС “Binotel” (Бинотел) для конфигураций BAS на управляемых формах (Малый бизнес, КУП, ЕРП, УТ 3, УНФ, АльфаАвто 6, СRM 3, Бухгалтерия и другие)
  • Saving the history of conversations in the customer card:
    • the ability to play a conversation recording;
    • preservation of the history of sms-messages received on our phone numbers in Binotel, as well as those sent from Binotel;
    • automatic filling of the source of information according to the established correspondence of our telephone numbers to the sources of information;
  • The state of user internal lines (active, talking, offline) on Binotel:
    • the ability to call another internal line;
    • the ability to transfer the current active call to another extension.

List of additional module functionality:   

Why should you choose our solution?:

  • More than 570 integrations in 10 years;
  • We have been engaged in this area since 2013, more than 600 hours of work of specialists have been spent on the development and debugging;
  • The solution is maximally integrated with a typical configuration - objects of a typical configuration are used: documents "Event" or "Phone call", directories - "Contractors", "Contact persons", "Partners", directory "Leads" (in the "BAS Small Business" configuration) ;
  • The solution is fully optimized with minimal changes to the typical configuration; where possible, everything is done by program code, highlighted with comments, even if, by negligence, we rewrite all our changes in the standard configuration code, then only the "Call" buttons from the contact information of directories and the details from the "Event / Phone call" document will disappear, which immediately will be noticeable and will be quickly restored. For configurations "BAS Small Business", "AlfaAuto 6" it is implemented as an extension, without changing the main configuration;
  •  The solution works directly with the Binotel virtual PBX cabinet, no additional services are used between the BAS product (or AlfaAuto 6, CRM 3) and Binotel, from the requirements - only access to from the server where the "BAS" product is deployed;
  • Additional services are available for full integration with "Binotel. Some are listed here...
We provide a powerful and reliable solution that will save your time and resources, ensuring optimal customer interactions and process improvements in your business. Trust our expertise and quality of work!

The module is compatible with standard products:

  • BAS Small Business (implemented as an extension); 
  • BAS KUP. BAS Comprehensive Enterprise Management; 
  • BAS UT 3.2. BAS Trade Management 3.2; 
  • BAS ERP. BAS Enterprise Resource Planning; 
  • BAS Accounting
  • UT 3.1. Trade Management 3.1; 
  • UNF. Small Business Management (starting from version 1.6.8, implemented as an extension); 
  • Alpha-Auto 6: Auto Service + Auto Parts;
  • Beauty Salon 2.0;
  • CRM 3; 
  • Other configurations: The availability of our solution among other standard products can be clarified with our specialists. We are always ready to customize our module to meet your unique needs.

More about features

1. Receiving customer information with active call.

Fig.1. The main panel of the module. Information on the current call, the status of internal lines, the ability to translate a call, contacts of employees, leads, a log of calls (interactions), lost calls.

The possibility of opening a customer card and contact person during a phone call, by pressing the button "Information on an active call" or a key combination "Ctrl+1". We pay attention: the client's card is opened when the phone was picked up, that is, with an active call.
Possibility of automatic creation of the document "Phone call" with the filling of the client and the contact person, in which you can make entries about the phone call. After the end of the call from this document, you can open an audio recording of the conversation, the record is opened in the browser and BAS is not stored in the database.

Fig.1.2. Appearance of the document "Phone call". Buttons "Listen and save a conversation record".

2. Dialing from the customer card. 

Fig. 2. Customer card (partner), "Call" button.

3. Storing the history of conversations in the client card. 

The ability to automatically download incoming and outgoing calls to BAS in the form of documents "Interactions.Telephone calls"with the definition of the client, the contact person and the responsible person of "our" organization. From the client card or contact person, you can view the history of calls, listen to the audio recordings of conversations and download the conversation record file.

Fig. 3. Customer card. Call history.

4. Information on the status of internal telephone lines, transfer of a call, a call on an internal line.

Fig. 4. Information on the status of internal telephone lines (online, offline, busy), call transfer, calls to internal linesи.

5. Information about lost calls, working out lost calls.

Fig.5. Information about lost calls. Lost call card, the ability to call back.

6. Filling the source of information in documents "Events (phone calls), as well as in lead cards".

The source of information is determined by the specified correspondences for our phone numbers in the information register "Correspondence of our phone numbers to information sources". This register introduces correspondence to the information sources of our telephone numbers connected to the Virtual ATC. According to the given correspondences, the source of information is filled in in the documents "Events (phone calls)", as well as in the lead card.  

Configuring the correspondence of our telephone numbers to information sources is set in the "Settings" menu of processing "Virtual ATC" on the tab "Correspondence of our phones to information sources" (Fig. 6).

Fig. 6. Filling in the correspondence of our phones to information sources in the main form of processing "Virtual ATC" of the "Settings" menu.

7. Synchronization of contacts in BAS and Binotel. Synchronization of users BAS with users in Binotel.

The function allows synchronization of clients, contact persons of BAS clients with customers of "Binotel", and also bind customers of "Binotel" to responsible managers whose phones will be addressed with calls. When you change the data for clients, the data is updated to "Binotel". Customer data that is sent to "Binotel":

  • name;
  • phones;
  • responsible manager, to whom to translate calls.

Fig. 7. Synchronization of employees BAS and Binotel, synchronization of clients.

The list of functions for synchronizing clients (Fig. 7) and employees BAS:

  • "Synchronization of employees"; performs comparison of employees BAS with managers in "Binotel", behind which the contractors are assigned.
  • "Unloading of changed counterparties"; performs unloading only changed or new counterparties. Processing is also performed in the routine every 10 minutes, by default.
  • "Full unloading of counterparties"; performs full unloading of all counterparties from BAS to "Binotel", this operation is performed once when the module "Integration BAS with Binotel"

8. Quick creation of a lead with an incoming call.

Fig. 8. Lead card (potential buyer).

The configuration is implemented as a separate Lead Management subsystem, which is not included in the main delivery of the Integration BAS with Binotel module. The setting allows you to keep track of potential buyers who have not bought anything yet. Lida classified into: hot, warm, cold, unpromising. If the lead becomes the buyer, then on the basis of the lead card an element of the directory "Accounts" is created and the lead card closes automatically.

Thus, in active leads there are contacts that never became buyers or the telephone number is not brought into contact with any counterparty.

9. Creating a buyer's order when receiving information about the current call. Opening an order journal for the current counterparty (optional paid module).

This functionality is enabled in the "Open:" setting, which is located below the "Current call" tab of the "Virtual ATC" panel, a menu item has been added: "New customer order" to the list of "What to open when an active call" ("Do not open anything," "Customer Card", "Event (phone call)"). Thus, with an active current call, if the option "Open a new customer order" is enabled, then when you click the "Information on the current call" or the key combination "Ctrl + 1", a new document "Customer order" opens with the counterparty filled out and the contact person of the counterparty (Fig. 9) , the order book for this counterparty can also be opened (Fig. 10), if the corresponding setting is enabled in the settings of this module.

Fig. 9. Creating a Buyer Order document for a given customer.

Fig. 10. Opening a customer order journal for a given customer.

Implementation Approach for Settings

There are two ways to technically implement the settings for our module:

  1. By making minimal changes to the standard configuration, in the form of a separate subsystem "Binotel" and "Lead Management," if the module is included in the package.

  2. As an extension of the main configuration of the standard product. The way the module is implemented for different standard products is described at the beginning of the page here.

The solution is localized for Ukrainian and Russian languages.
Requirements for the BAS platform: release or newer.

Filling in the settings of the module "Integration of BAS with Binotel"


Integration BAS with Binotel, configuration "Beauty Salon, ed. 2.0"

Integration of BAS with Binotel, configuration "Trade management, ed. 3.0"


Integration BAS with Binotel, configuration "Management of a small company, version 1.6", implemented on extension.


Solution cost, UAH.

1.   Module "Integration with virtual ATC "Binotel ". (We provide instructions for users and the administrator, a video tutorial on how to fill in the initial settings to start using the module)

2. Lead Management Module    

3. Integration work into the customer's configuration. (3 hours if the customer's basic configuration is one of the typical configurations listed above) .   2700
4. Installing modules on a working database, filling in the initial settings, consulting on setting up access rights and on how modules work.
  Total:   9600  
   Integration time 4 days.  

The cost of the solution, if the modules are supplied as an extension ("UNF 1.6.8" and higher, "BAS Small business"), UAH.

1. Extension of the module "Integration with virtual automatic telephone exchange" Binotel ". (We provide instructions for users and the administrator, instructions for installing the instructions for filling in the initial settings)      3000
2. Lead Management Module       3000
3. Consultation on installing the extension and filling in the initial settings in the customer's configuration. (2 hours)      1800
  Total:       7800
    Integration time 2 days. 

Additional module functionality:


 Price, UAH

 1.  Automatic raising of the client’s card and call download (with http service)
 2.  Organization of automatic chimes for missed calls   10000
 3.  Download Call Call Completed + Get Call + Call Tracking   5000
 Creating a buyer's order when receiving information about the current call. Opening an order journal for the current counterparty     3000
 5.  Opportunity to work under several contracts with a virtual ATC within the same BAS database   18000
 6.  Organization of an outgoing call from our specified number, regardless of the scenario in the virtual ATC   1800

The rights to the module are reserved (certificate No. 76364). We provide favorable conditions for cooperation for partners.


Developer: NCT Company



Vladimir, Brand "Carno"
We have been using the integration module "1C:Підприємство" -Binotel for several months now, it is very convenient to make calls from contact cards and contractors. And the tech support of NCT is pleasantly pleasing.
Smile studio. Dental clinic
Ordered from NCT the Integration Module "1C:Підприємство" and Binotel. We have a specific configuration "1C:Підприємство" for medicine.
After a detailed discussion of the integration, the company's employees perfectly prepared the module for implementation in a short time. I would also like to highlight the professionalism of Sergey and Vladislav, who quickly eliminated errors (this is normal for highly specialized "1C:Підприємство" configurations, especially since only the one who works with them knows them well) and provided support after integration.
Literally after a couple of improvements, we now have excellent interaction between "1C:Підприємство" and Binotel, all the declared functions and capabilities are used.
An excellent and not unimportant stable solution.
After the initial integration, over the years of work, there were isolated cases that required knowledge,
above the user level, with which the developer's specialists easily helped to figure it out.
I would like to receive a manual with instructions, which will contain a list of required regulatory
work/actions, description of opportunities and non-standard situations that may arise (preferably understandable for ordinary users)))))
Maybe it is, but I didn’t find it.

"Avtomotiv," a network of service stations in the city of Dnipro.

Integration with Binotel, SMS sending, automatic generation of requests from the website, statuses in repair requests and work orders.

Integration of "Binotel" telephony with "Alfa-Auto, edition 5" and other tasks on the service station network in Dnepr.
The customer has 4 service stations operating in a single "Alfa-Auto database, edition 5".

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