Frequently asked questions and answers

  1. How to add a new user by copying the settings of another user
  2. How to add a quick selection of counterparties to "Phone Number"
  3. How to determine the release and platform of programs of the "BAS" line, as well as configurations of "UTP", "UVP", "UT 2.3", etc.
  4. General questions on integrating the accounting system with the virtual ATC "Binotel" for configurations on managed forms (Small business, KUP, ERP, UT 3, UNF, CRM 3.0, Accounting). Problem solving.
  5. General questions about integrating the accounting system with the virtual PBX "Binotel" for configurations on conventional forms ("UTP", "UVP", "UT 2.3", etc.). Problem solving
  6. Automatic raising of a client card through WebSocket Binotel. Solving Major Mistakes
  7. Versioning. Save history of object changes in accounting system.
  8. PM configuration. Why, when paying an advance to the vendor with the document Payment Order, Outbound does not post to VAT accounts (6442, 6441)
  9. Deleting e-mails for a period including attachments
  10. Error "Not written off by batches [number] of pieces of goods [goods]". The first thing to do.
  11. Accounting for production in the configuration of UNF ("Management of a small firm"). Derivation of financial result.
  12. Delivery management. Logistics. UNF configuration
  13. How to clear a user profile
  14. How to restore a deleted database item.
  15. Upload the configuration "BAS, configurations "UTP", "UVP", "UT 2.3" and transfer to work
  16. Organization of work with the cash register of the cash desk during the working day. Accounting for the issue of a small coin in the cash register of the cash desk, a reflection of this operation in the cash book
  17. "1C:Підприємство" 7.7: How to save the configuration file for sending to the NCT support service