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Work experience: over 22 years

More than 18,500 tasks and 450 large-scale projects were completed

A team of experienced specialists with more than 10 years of work experience

Over the years, we have established partnerships with more than 2,500 clients

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We have been cooperating with these wonderful companies for many years

Арма Моторс
Ассистирующая компания «Савитар Груп»
Автогрупп 3С
Автомотив Сервис
Группа компаний «Атмосфера»
Интернет-магазин парфумерии "Perfumer"
Компания BTL
Компанія «Універсум Клінік»
Металлоцентр Викар
Приватне акціонерне товариство «Страхова Група «ТАС»
Склад Плюс
Страховая компания "Провидна"
Бест Лизинг

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Main directions of automation

CRM. Business-processes

  • Organization of work in BAS on tasks, replacing phone calls between employees with tasks;
  • The manager sees a list of active business processes, employees see tasks and their business processes.
  • A graphic diagram of a business process, automatic task formation for users, a visual representation of what stage the business process is at;
  • Setting deadlines for tasks and monitoring their implementation.
  • Sales funnel for all stages of business processes - ideally helps to identify problems, at what stage are constant delays, where are tasks accumulating and additional resources are required.

Virtual ATC Integration

  • Opportunity to call from a customer’s card to BAS.
  • Opening a customer card with an active phone call.
  • Conversation history in the client’s card, the ability to listen.
  • Synchronization of BAS clients with virtual ATC clients, regular uploading of new and changed clients to virtual ATC.
  • The visual state of internal telephone lines is who is On-Line, who is talking, who is Off-Line. Ability to transfer a call to another user.

Organization of SMS or E-mail mailings

Sending SMS messages from the configurations of the "BAS" line (or "UTP", "UPP", "UT 2.3", "UNF", "AlfaAvto" and any others).

  • Sending SMS to counterparties, contact persons, users - manual sending, sending to a group of counterparties;
  • Automatic SMS sending when documents are changed according to specified templates;
  • Sending SMS to "Viber" with pictures, with attached files;
  • Sending SMS through any providers: “Turbo SMS”, “Start Mobile”, “SoftLine Mobile Systems” and others.
We perform integrations regularly, more than 200 integrations in 9 years, we have many additional customized services for automation of mailing..

Transport logistics

  • Organization of transportation of goods to customers and transportation of goods from suppliers.
  • Formation of route sheets for drivers.
  • Schedule and delivery plan.
  • Control of time spent on transportation.
  • TTN document.

Assistant companies

Full automation of assistance companies in the areas of:
  • Medical assistant;
  • Technical assistance.

Integration with document management services (Vchasno, Comarch).

  • Workflow with retail chains: Metro, Bill, Epicenter, Fora, Silpo and others.
  • Workflow with Rozetka.ua.

Integration with cloud-based CRM

Exchange with cloud CRM "SalesDrive" (or "Bitrix24").

Exchange functionality:

  • Loading transactions from CRM to the BAS database (or "UTP", "UPP", "UT 2.3") in real time;
  • Two-way exchange of order statuses between CRM and BAS;
  • Automatic creation of counterparties on the BAS side when loading a deal from CPM;
  • Unloading goods and balances, taking into account reserves, from BAS to CPM;
  • Loading additional characteristics of transactions into BAS from CPM: delivery method, source of information, sales channel, etc.

Medical companies

Full automation of medical clinics:

  • Automation of patient records, doctors, hospital;
  • Clinic administrator workplace.

Автоматическое поднятие карточки клиента через WebSocket Binotel. Решение основных ошибок

Automatic raising of a client card through WebSocket Binotel. Solving Major Mistakes

List of possible errors 1. Solving a problem if the function of automatically raising a client’s card, organized through the service, has stopped working «WebSocket Binotel». The solution to the above errors. 1. Question: The function of automatically raising a customer ...

Разработка информационных систем

Development of information systems

When you start building an information system, you should decide on a software platform. For many years we have been specializing in "BAS" software products, which are quite flexible, are used in various business areas, are affordable and allow you to build almost any information system. Once you are on our site, you are also ready to consider the option of building your information system on the basis of "BAS".

Внедрение и сопровождение "BAS"

Implementation and maintenance of "BAS"

The introduction of "BAS" is an important and crucial step for each enterprise. Today, without automation of the enterprise, all of its business processes, its activities are not possible. This is the process from installing software to the moment when it becomes part of the daily activities of the company.