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The main areas of automation

Virtual ATC Integration

  • Opportunity to call from a customer’s card to BAS.
  • Opening a customer card with an active phone call.
  • Conversation history in the client’s card, the ability to listen.
  • Synchronization of BAS clients with virtual ATC clients, regular uploading of new and changed clients to virtual ATC.
  • The visual state of internal telephone lines is who is On-Line, who is talking, who is Off-Line. Ability to transfer a call to another user.
CRM. Business-processes

  • Organization of work in BAS on tasks, replacing phone calls between employees with tasks;
  • The manager sees a list of active business processes, employees see tasks and their business processes.
  • A graphic diagram of a business process, automatic task formation for users, a visual representation of what stage the business process is at;
  • Setting deadlines for tasks and monitoring their implementation.
  • Sales funnel for all stages of business processes - ideally helps to identify problems, at what stage are constant delays, where are tasks accumulating and additional resources are required.
Integration of BAS with cloud-based CRM

Exchange organization options:
  • Standard, typical exchange between "Bitrix24" and BAS.
  • Full two-way exchange of any entities "Bitrix24" and BAS developed by our company.
Integration with document management services (Vchasno, Comarch).

  • Workflow with retail chains: Metro, Bill, Epicenter, Fora, Silpo and others.
  • Workflow with
Assistant companies

Full automation of assistance companies in the areas of:
  • Medical assistant;
  • Technical assistance.
Transport logistics

  • Organization of transportation of goods to customers and transportation of goods from suppliers.
  • Formation of route sheets for drivers.
  • Schedule and delivery plan.
  • Control of time spent on transportation.
  • TTN document.
Medical companies

Full automation of medical clinics:

  • Automation of patient records, doctors, hospital;
  • Clinic administrator workplace.