Development of information systems
Разработка информационных систем

Development of information systems

information-systems-development The most important stage of building a business is the implementation of the information system as:

  • storage of all documents, directories and other necessary information;
  • implementation of used business processes and interaction between them.

When you start building an information system, you should determine the software platform. We have been specializing in "BAS" software products for many years, which are flexible enough, they are used in a wide range of business areas, are affordable and allow you to build virtually any information system. Once you are on our website, you are also ready to consider the option of building your information system on the basis of "BAS".

Introduction and completion of typical configurations "BAS"

In most cases, the existing typical "BAS" configurations are suitable for automation of customer processes, in some cases additional customization is performed for the specific needs of the customer. In addition, there are many industry-specific configurations specifically tailored for specific activities.

Integration of "BAS" with other information systems

In the presence of several information systems, including on other software platforms, their integration with each other is carried out. The rules for data exchange are set up in order to build a complex information space that excludes the process of duplicating the input of the same information.

Development of configurations from scratch

In special cases, if there is no typical configuration covering at least 20-30% of the required functionality for building an information system, and there are no ready-made industry configurations, or they are too expensive and do not cover most of the required functionality, ". As a rule, this is a conditional expression, as, in most cases, you should still use some typical solution, for example - "Accounting" or "Trade Management", because the concept of "Counterparty" if in any kind of business.

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