Business process "Commercial offer"

Business process "Commercial offer"

UAH 10 000 and more
Бизнес-процесс "Коммерческое предложение"
Organization of work with commercial offers through a business process. 
Work with commercial proposals for automatically generated tasks in accordance with the Business Proposal business process. Funnel task fulfillment.

At each enterprise there is a certain process of working out commercial offers to potential and regular customers. Rarely, it is visually presented in the form of a scheme, more often it is described in the instructions, and, basically, if you did not forget to set up a commercial offer, it is very good if, after some time, the manager asks the client whether the offer is interesting or not. to a positive decision.

In other words - in general, commercial proposals are given entirely to the management of managers. Management only later on in terms of sales can judge the effectiveness of the work of managers, often losing a lot of potential transactions that could take place if the manager conducted the commercial proposal according to a specific process.

Even having the instructions “How to work with commercial offers”, without an automated process, it is not possible to monitor the execution and following the instructions.

As a result, the usual practice is when managers work “on the tops” and perform the role of “living people, not robots” accepting incoming calls from customers who are paid by paid advertising. Now there is a lot of competition in almost all industries, which requires maximum attention to customers (potential, permanent). A call that is not made on time is not a successful deal, at least. The processing of customer requests must be monitored.

An automated business process streamlines work with business proposals.

Screenshots of the CPM 1.4 configuration from Rarus will be shown below - this configuration is on ordinary forms. Similarly, processes on controlled forms "1С:Підприємство" are automated using the CPM 2.0 configuration.


If you use one of the configurations - “UTP”, “UT 2.3” or others on ordinary "1С:Підприємство" forms, then put “CRM 1.4 from Rarus” - this “iron” will work. If you want "CRM 2.0 from Rarus" or from "1С:Підприємство", then you also need to replace the main configuration with another configuration on managed forms. If you have regular sales, the configuration "CRM 2.0" can work independently, without using the basic configuration.


More in pictures

Below is the “CRM” desktop with the configuration “CRM 1.4 from Rarus”, where the “Business Processes” tab is active - a list of all company processes . On the left, you can select a filter for the selection of the required processes: “all”, “specific processes”, “current” (for which the response time for the current day is inclusive), “subdivision processes”, “specific manager” and other necessary selections.

Fig. 1. Desktop “CRM”, configuration “CPM 1.4 from Rarus”. Journal of all commercial offers.

Fig. 2. Diagram of the current business process. The red dotted lines highlight the current stage of the business process.

Clicking the button “Business Process Tasks” opens the list of tasks for the current business process, fig. 3

Fig. 3. Tasks of the business process. Gray highlighted performed. If the task is overdue, it is highlighted in red.

Below is the diagram of the current business process, where the response time is set, after which the task will expire . The type of document that must be created for the task to be closed successfully is specified, the task executor is set. The business process diagram is automatically filled out of the business process template when creating the process, it can be adjusted for each business process, you can change the deadline for tasks executed.

Fig. 4. Setting the route of the business process. The reaction time is set, after which the task will expire.
The type of document that must be created for the task to be closed successfully is specified, the task executor.

Fig. 5. The ability to see tasks and business processes from the structure of subordination of documents. The current active task for the business process is highlighted in bold.

Fig. 6. List of business process templates that are in the database. In the foreground is a diagram of the Business Proposal business process template.

Business Process Tasks

The ideal way to organize the work of an enterprise is “From Tasks”, which are automatically created according to a given process , if it is difficult to automate and work all processes “From Tasks”, then you can automate one of the most key processes.

An example of when business process automation is needed:           

There is a task - to automate the generation of tasks for the formation of cyclical customer orders. For each client there is a certain period of formation of orders of buyers - every month, every Monday, once in two weeks, every Tuesday or another day of the week. Without a business process in such a case is not enough.
A common mistake in making a decision: Start programming without business processes using typical, common tasks. As practice shows, further begin additional wishes: how to see all the tasks; over the business process, over time it may be necessary to generate more than one task; the need to analyze processes as a whole, rather than specific tasks; necessary reports on tasks, access rights). As a result, such a self-written solution goes to the client is not justified expensive and difficult to maintain by other specialists..

Below is a list of current tasks of the enterprise, in the red frame the list of reports for analyzing tasks and processes, we see the deadline for completing these tasks, you can postpone the task by commenting on the reason. You can configure the necessary selections, the list of types of selections to the left of the task list. Current selection - "Current". Variants of selection from practice: “warehouse tasks” or another department, tasks of a specific manager, etc.


Fig. 7. The current tasks of the enterprise on active business processes. Task analysis reports. Deadline tasks.

Task and Business Process Reports

Fig. 8. Report on tasks with detailing up to types of business processes, stages and tasks, data on deviations.

Fig. 9. The diagram with the analysis of the number of tasks on the stages of the business process.

Fig. 10. Report on the types of business processes, the number of tasks, the number of completed tasks.

Creating a business process from an event registered in "1С:Підприємство" database

Fig.11. Creating a business process "Commercial offer" on the basis of the document "Event".

Fig.12. Appearance of the business process "Commercial offer". Foundation-document "Event".

Fig.13. The business process creates the task: to form a document "Commercial offer" for the client.

Fig.14. The task of the business process "Find out the result of the consideration of the" Commercial proposal "by the client".

In case of a negative result, the business process re-creates the task “Learn about the client's decision” after a certain period of time until the final result is obtained, positive or negative.

Fig.15. The re-formation of the task "Learn about the decision of the client" business process.

The final point of the business process with a positive result - the formation of the transaction.

Fig.16. The final stage of the business process - the formation of the transaction.

In custody

The pictures above show the functionality of the standard configuration “CRM”, which is installed in the configurations of many companies, but very few people reach the implementation of business processes and work organization from tasks. We have been implementing CRM for more than 8 years, we know how to build processes and organize the execution of tasks by users. We have a lot of developments that improve the usability of “CRM”, for example - it is “automatic execution of tasks when creating documents in the database”, “automatically starting business processes when certain events in the database”, “subordination structure of documents taking into account tasks and business processes "and many others.

Solution cost: from 10,000 UAH

Developer: NCT Company


LLC PromSiz
The company "PromSIZ" is a national manufacturer, developer and supplier of personal protective equipment, one of the largest enterprises in Ukraine for complex customer service of various industries.
Since 1998, our company has been providing industrial enterprises in Ukraine and neighboring countries with personal protective equipment that guarantees the safety of workers when performing production tasks and increases labor productivity in enterprises.
Consistently high quality products, the widest assortment, affordable prices, flexible pricing, the use of modern technologies in production and cooperation with world leaders in the field of PPE have allowed the company to take a leading position in the market.
In our work, we use the latest information technologies that allow us to be unique in our segment.
To maintain a stable level of performance of the company's information system, for more than 10 years we have been using the services of the NCT team, under the leadership of Sergey Gashuk.
During this time, we have implemented a comprehensive implementation of the configuration of “Management of trade enterprises”, automated the motor transport company using the configuration “Management of automobile trade”, which allowed us to bring the quality of services to a whole new level.
We express our gratitude to the team for their professionalism in fulfilling the tasks set, we are satisfied with the results of the services received over several years.

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Solved problems within the project: 

Configuration: "Management of trade enterprise (MTE)" + "CPM 1.4 from "Rarus"". 

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