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Business process "Calling potential counterparties"

Business process "Calling potential counterparties"

The business process "Calling potential counterparties" allows to organize communication with lost or potential counterparties on the stages of the relationship, regulates communication with customers and helps to increase sales growth.

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Business process diagram

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Fig.1. Reference book "Status of interaction with contractors".

The reference book, depending on the status of interaction with the counterparty, indicates the frequency of formation of the business process.

Fig.2. Card "Interaction statuses", on the example of the status "Hot potential", indication of the period and setting "Generate business process".

Using the document "Classification of buyers by stages of relationship", you can determine statuses for counterparties. The document can be formed periodically by the routine task (Fig. 3).

Fig.3. Document "Classification of buyers according to stages of relationship".

Fig.4. Specifying the status of interactions in the counterparty card.

The routine task automatically creates business processes at intervals specified in the statuses of relations with counterparties.
After setting the period, the automatic formation of the “Calling potential counterparties” business process takes place (Fig. 5).

Fig.5. Business process "Calling potential counterparties".

Examples of tasks

Fig.6. Formation of a task with the task of making a call to a potential counterparty.

Fig.7. Formed task with the task of making a call to a potential counterparty with the choice of proposal preparation or refusal.

Fig.8. Formed task with the task of preparing a proposal to a potential counterparty.

Fig.9. Formed task with the task of preparing a proposal to a potential counterparty, options.

Fig.10. The task "Set the cyclicality for the outlet" in the task created.

Fig.11. Ability to specify the task in the task for the main manager "Personal visit to the client".

Fig.12. Choices for visiting the client. Choice "Failure".

Fig.13. The established choice of personal customer visits "Failure". Automatically status of customer interactions is “Cold”. Change the frequency of dialing.

It is possible to implement this solution on the configurations of the BAS line (BAS Small Business, BAS Trade Management 3.2, BAS ERP, etc.).

Solution cost: from 10,000 UAH

Developer: NCT Company

Industry ATP, transport management  Production  Printing houses  Wholesale  Medical clinics, medical institutions  Rent of equipment for rent  Service station, sale of spare parts and cars  Online store  Tourism  
Direction of automation Additional settings  CRM. Business-processes  Transport logistics  Assistant companies  Planning of sales, purchases, money  Medical companies  
Type Management Accounting  
Typical products Trade management  Manufacturing enterprise management  Trade Management, edition 2.3  BAS Trade Management,  Management of a small company  СRМ 1.4 from Rarus  СRМ 2.0 or 3.0  BAS ERP Enterprise Management  BAS Accounting  BAS Integrated enterprise management  BAS Small business  

Online store of plumbing and heating equipment "Santechsklad"

Solved problems within the project: 

Configuration: "Management of trade enterprise (MTE)" + "CPM 1.4 from "Rarus"". 

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