Transport logistics. Organization of delivery of goods to customers. Route sheet.

Transport logistics. Organization of delivery of goods to customers. Route sheet.

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Транспортная Логистика. Организация доставки товаров покупателям. Маршрутный лист.

Organization of transportation of goods to customers and transportation of goods from suppliers. Generating route sheets for drivers.

Transport logistics. Organization of delivery of goods to customers. Route sheet.

The account of kinds of deliveries of the goods to buyers is realized:  

  • Delivery in the city and the region;
  • Delivery by the carrier ("New Mail", "Intime" and others);
  • Pickup.
Implemented a schedule of loading vehicles by day.

The module can be integrated in a configuration on conventional "1C:Підприємство" forms:
  • Management of a trading enterprise;
  • Trade Management, Revision 2.3;
  • Management of a production enterprise.

Scheme of document circulation of the module "Transport logistics"

More information about the functional

1. The document "Buyer's order".

In the document, the tab "Transport logistics" is added, where the data of transport logistics are set: the delivery method, the consignee, the contact person, the phone, the delivery address. (Fig. 1)

Fig.1. Form of the dialogue of the document "Buyer's order". The "Logistics Logistics" tab. Entering the parameters of transport logistics.

The date of shipment in the customer's order is selected according to the schedule of deliveries. You can select a date for which there is a free number of deliveries (Fig. 2).

Fig.2. Form of the dialogue of the document "Buyer's order". The choice of the date of shipment of goods, according to the schedule of deliveries.

2. Document "Application for transport".

The document is created regardless of other documents either on the basis of the buyer's order, or automatically when carrying out the buyer's order, when the data on the "Transport Logistics" tab is filled (Fig. 3).
The "Transport logistics" tab in the documents: "buyer's order", "order to the supplier", "return of goods to the supplier" can not be added. It is enough to enter an application for transport on the basis of these documents.

Fig. 3. Document "Application for transport" in the structure of subordination of the document "Buyer's order".

The delivery address can be opened on a Google map, Fig. 4.

Fig.4. The ability to view the address on a Google map.

3. Document "Order to the supplier".

The "Logistics Logistics" tab (Fig. 5), where the parameters for the delivery of goods from the supplier to our warehouse are determined, or the goods can be taken from the supplier during the route and will be delivered directly to the buyer.

Fig. 5. The document "Order to the supplier", the tab "Transport logistics».

4. Document "Route sheet".

The document is generated by the logistician. To be completed on the indicated delivery date by transport orders and orders to suppliers. After the route is completed, the kilometer is entered and the route sheet closes.

Fig.6. Form of the document "Route sheet".   

Fig.7. Printed form of the document "Route sheet".

5. Report "Summary report on route sheets".

Fig.8. Appearance of the report "Summary report on route sheets".

6. "Delivery plan" document.

The document plans for a month the number of deliveries on each of the days of the month (Fig. 9).

Fig.9. Form of the dialogue of the document "Delivery plan". Registration of the number of deliveries for each day of the month.

Module cost: 6000 UAH (we provide a module based on the typical configuration of the MTE).
Cost of settings: 9000 UAH (10 hours *900 UAH, services for connecting the module to your configuration, trial operation, consultation on the module).

Developer: NCT


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We express our gratitude to the team for their professionalism in fulfilling the tasks set, we are satisfied with the results of the services received over several years.

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Solved problems within the project: 

Configuration: "Management of trade enterprise (MTE)" + "CPM 1.4 from "Rarus"". 

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