Address classifier in the contact information of the counterparty

Address classifier in the contact information of the counterparty

UAH 4 000
Адресный классификатор в контактной информации контрагента
The address classifier is a set of directories for the ability to structure addresses in contact information for:

  • Countries;
  • Regions;
  • Districts(115 entries in the directory);
  • Settlements (1400 records);
  • Streets (3800 records).

What does the implementation of the address classifier give:
  • the ability to select counterparties for human settlements, regions, regions, countries;
  • the ability to organize groupings and selections in reports on counterparts for settlements, regions, regions, countries without additional adjustment of these reports (for example: sales report);
  • the ability to collect statistics on settlements, areas, regions, countries;
  • quick input of contact information (we start typing text, the found element is automatically substituted);
  • elimination of many errors when entering contact information in the names of settlements, streets.

Examples of using the address classifier

рис. 1. Форма списка справочника "Контрагенты" с адресными данными для возможности быстрого отбора

Fig. 1. The form of the list of the directory "Counterparties" with address data for the possibility of rapid selection.

Рис. 2. Карточка адресных данных контрагента, на заднем плане - карточка контрагента.
Fig. 2. The address card of the counterparty, in the background - the counterparty card.

Рис. 3. Карточка адресных данных с открытыми справа справочниками "Регионы" и "Населенные пункты".
Fig. 3. The address data card with the directories "Regions" and "Human Settlements" open on the right.

Рис. 4. Адресные данные контрагента с открытым справа справочником "Улицы"

Fig. 4. Addresses of the counterparty with the open-to-the-right directory "Streets".

Рис. 5. Форма отбора в списке справочника "Контрагенты" с возможностью отбора по адресным данным: страна, регион, район, населенный пункт, улица
Fig. 5. The form of selection in the list of the directory "Counterparties" with the possibility of selection by address data: country, region, district, locality, street.

Рис. 6. Пример отбора по адресным данным в отчете: по населенным пунктам, районам, регионам, улицам.
Fig. 6. Example of selection by address data in the report: for human settlements, areas, regions, streets.

Рис. 8. Пример группировки по регионам, населенным пунктам и контрагентам с отбором по списку регионов.

Fig. 7. Example of grouping by regions, settlements and counterparts with selection according to the list of regions.

Рис. 9. Список контрагентов, отобранный по району "Подільський" и населенному пункту "Киев" (на заднем плане). На переднем плане - размещение контрагентов на карте "Google"
Fig. 8. The list of counterparts selected for the area "Podilsky" and the settlement "Kiev" (in the background). In the foreground - placing counterparties on a Google map.

In Fig. 8 shows an example of using the address classifier for the possibility of selecting counterparties in the district of a settlement with the construction of a visual representation on a Google map. (See the setup "Integration of "1C:Підприємство" with Google Maps. Visualization of the location of addresses on the map")

Рис. 10. Справочник "Населенные пункты". В справочнике 1400 элементов

Fig. 9. Handbook "Human settlements". In the directory of 1400 elements.

Рис. 11. Справочник "Улицы". Количество элементов 3800

Fig. 10. The reference book "Streets". Number of elements 3800.

Address classifier used by most of our customers for many years , in our memory - about 8 years. Settings are debugged and minimize the typical configuration.


Classifier cost: 4000 UAH (address classifier with filled classifier directories based on a typical configuration of MTE).
Cost of settings: 4000 UAH (4 hours*1000UAH).

Developer: NCT


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