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Automatic scheduling of calls by leads and counterparties. Looping of regular communication with leads and contractors. Customization.

Automatic scheduling of calls by leads and counterparties. Looping of regular communication with leads and contractors. Customization.

This solution will allow you to loop communication with leads and counterparties. Previously, call scheduling was implemented only for leads by hard statuses: Hot, warm, cold, hopeless.
But, many of our clients have their own interaction statuses and may be different for leads and counterparties. Therefore, we have added the "Interaction Statuses" reference book, where you can enter your own interaction statuses with contractors and leads and set (or not set) the cyclicality of contacts with clients for them.
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What this automation solves

Managers work, basically, for everyone, on a percentage of sales. As a rule, the easiest way to make sales to customers of category "A", therefore, managers only work with this category of customers - and this is only 10% of all customers. With the rest of the categories of clients ("B" and "C" categories), managers work as necessary, they do not work with most of your clients.  
This solution will allow to loop communication with all categories of clients. 

More in description

Added the reference book "Statuses of interactions with clients", with the help of which we can form scheduled events (phone calls) for both leads (potential customers) and counterparties.

Fig. 1. Directory "Statuses of interaction with clients".

When opening the item of the reference book "Statuses of interaction with clients" we specify:

  • status name (you can enter your own statuses);

  • sorting;

  • generate scheduled events;

  • the number of days after which to form an event.

Fig. 2. Element of the reference book "Statuses of interactions with clients", data filling.

In fig. 3 shows the derivation of lead statuses (set in the reference book "Statuses of interactions with clients") in the form of a quick selection.

Fig. 3. Quick selections by lead statuses, in the Leads directory.

In the Lead card, if you change the status of a lead to another, a scheduled event is automatically created (the “Events” tab) for the number of planning days specified in the “Statuses of customer interaction” reference book, fig. 1). The program will display a message about the planned phone call (document "Event").

Fig. 4. An example of the formation of an event (phone call) in a lead card.

If you change the status in the lead card again, the date of the planned call is automatically and re-calculated.

Fig. 5. Automatic recalculation of the days of planning a phone call when changing the lead status.

On the "Virtual ATC" panel, the "Calls" tab, we can make a selection according to the "scheduled" state, while information about all scheduled events (phone calls) is displayed. If you specify the "responsible manager" in the selection, information about the planned phone calls of this manager will be displayed.

Fig. 6. Scheduled events (phone calls) on the Virtual ATC panel.

Quick selections by lead statuses have been added on the Leads tab, Virtual ATC panel (Fig. 7). Also, quick selections have been added for the "Contractors" directory, the "Contractors" tab on the Virtual ATC panel (Fig. 8).

Fig. 7. Panel Virtual ATC, quick selections for the "Leads" directory.

Fig. 8. Panel Virtual ATC, quick selections for the directory "Contractors".

Setting can work in configurations:

  • Management of a commercial enterprise;
  • Management of a production enterprise;
  • Trade Management, version 2.3.

Setting cost: 4000 UAH.
Connection service cost: 3600 UAH (4 hours * 900 UAH)

Developer: Company "NCT"

Industry ATP, transport management  Printing houses  Wholesale  Medical clinics, medical institutions  Rent of equipment for rent  Insurance, Assistance  Service station, sale of spare parts and cars  Online store  Tourism  
Direction of automation Additional settings  Other configurations  Virtual ATC Integration  Transport logistics  Planning of sales, purchases, money  
Type Management Accounting  
Typical products Trade management  Manufacturing enterprise management  Trade Management, edition 2.3  СRМ 1.4 from Rarus  

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