BAS Retail. Іnformation

BAS Retail. Іnformation

The program "BAS Retail" is designed to automate the business processes of retail outlets (stores), both stand-alone and part of a distributed retail network.

Functional capabilities of the program "BAS Retail"

"BAS Retail" allows you to automate inventory accounting in storehouses and account cash in the box office stores.

The program "BAS Retail" automates the following operations:

  • the receipt of goods from the counterparty to the warehouse of the store, including in two-phase (order) mode;
  • sales of goods and services to the counterparty, including in two-phase (order) mode;
  • moving goods between stores, in-store warehouses, stores and warehouses of a trading company, including in two-phase (order) mode;
  • trade in sets of goods created both at the time of sale of goods, and with the preparation of the kit (operation "bundling") ;
  • return of goods from customers;
  • capitalization, inventory and write-off of goods;
  • registration of incoming and outgoing cash orders directly in stores;
  • transfer of funds between stores, in-store cashiers, shops and cashiers of the trading company ;
  • the design of sales receipts, the formation at the end of the change of the consolidated report on the cash register machine, taking into account the returned goods per shift;
  • work with acquiring systems, accounting for payment of goods on payment cards, accounting of acquiring agreements and conditions for the return / non-return of a trade concession by the acquirer in the return of goods; payment for goods by credit;
  • the use of interest discounts on discount cards (including accumulative discounts), discounts with a division of stores, discounts to counterparties, discounts on the amount of checks, discounts on the time of action, the quantity of goods, the type of payment.

"BAS Retail" supports the work of the following retail equipment:

  • fiscal registrars,
  • data collection terminals,
  • barcode scanners,
  • weight equipment,
  • buyer displays,
  • payment terminals,
  • magnetic card readers.

Accounting for trading operations in "BAS Retail" is conducted only in UAH.

RIB and exchange with the control system

"BAS Retail" supports the operation in the mode of distributed information bases (RIB) with a clear division of the workflow of stores, where the main node of the RIB consolidates information on all stores in the network . There are mechanisms for automatic exchange initiation.

Along with the work in the RIB mode, the program "BAS Retail" can automatically exchange information with the management information system (back-office) in duplex mode. As a control system for the program "BAS Retail" can be used the configuration "BAS Trade Management". In the management system, you can create an unlimited number of nodes "BAS Retail", which, in turn, can be the main nodes of the distributed information database.

User Administration

There are mechanisms for administrating users of the information database of remote sites of the RIB from the main node "BAS Retail". For example, at the main RIB node the system administrator can create (edit, assign roles, interfaces, reset the password) the user of the remote node's information database, and also have access to up-to-date information about the users of the information database made in the "Configurator" mode (or in the mode "BAS") directly in the nodes of the RIB.

Multicompartment accounting

In the program "BAS Retail" along with multi-store accounting, multi-company accounting is implemented , where each warehouse (trade hall) can be assigned to a specific organization. At the same time, various taxation systems can be used: general taxation system, simplified taxation system.

Work on the order scheme

"BAS Retail" supports order schemes for the movement, sale and receipt of goods to store warehouses. The order scheme is the transfer to the buffer list of goods necessary for acceptance or shipment from the warehouse, the actual operation with the goods balance in the warehouse is made by an expense or a receipt order. The program "BAS Retail" provides funds for the immediate control of goods received and shipped in the case of work on the order scheme.

Features of accounting for goods and setting prices

In the program "BAS Retail", for the purpose of simplification, accounting is not conducted for the characteristics and series of the nomenclature. If necessary, this record is proposed to be kept in the management system - in the configuration "BAS Trade Management". This ensures the correct operation of data exchange between programs.

The program "BAS Retail" implemented the ability to control the setting of prices for goods for each store separately , which ensures that the prices in the information database correspond to price tags in the shopping halls of stores. It is possible to work with the types of prices of the nomenclature, which in the case of using the control system can act as recommended prices for retail trade. These prices can be adjusted for retail sale depending on the geographical location of the retail outlet (for example, if similar goods are available at lower prices in competing organizations located in close proximity to the store). Also, mechanisms for creating breadboard models of price tags and labels and their printing from all types of "commodity" documents.

Analysis of trading activities

The program "BAS Retail" provides various reports that allow you to analyze the activity of the store: to conduct a valuation of goods in retail prices, analyze the sales and returns of goods, determine at what time and what goods is better sold in various stores, as well as trading halls of a single store (statistics of CMC checks). The program provides an opportunity based on the analysis of sales and current balances of goods in the store to plan the procurement of goods and automatically generate internal orders of goods for transfer to the management system (the configuration of "BAS Trade Management".

Composition of the product and licensing procedure

The product "BAS Retail" is the main delivery of the "BAS" version of PROF, including platform distributions and configurations "BAS Retail", a set of documentation, a security key, a registration card with a license agreement, a mail envelope "BAS" and the current issue of ITS.

According to the license agreement, this product can be used in one workplace at a time

. To increase the number of workplaces within the same local network (one store), the client licenses are "BAS". To use the program in client-server mode, you must separately purchase the server "BAS".

When automating a trading enterprise consisting of several stores, each store needs to purchase a separate main supply "BAS Retail".

Data exchange according to the RIB scheme between individual workstations (cash offices) operating autonomously (offline) and the central node of the RIB store is allowed without purchasing a separate basic supply for each workstation of the store, provided that all these jobs (cash desks) are combined into one local network and each workplace (cash desk) is provided with a separate client license "BAS". This corresponds to the terms of the license agreement standard for typical application solutions. If individual workstations inside the store are not integrated into one local network, then it is necessary to purchase a separate main supply for each isolated workstation or for each segment of the local network.

Sale order

"BAS Retail" is sold to users through franchise partners of "BAS".

Users of "Trade" software, "Aspect" and "Trade and Warehouse" products of all versions can purchase the product "BAS Retail" on an upgrade basis according to the standard scheme.

The price of the upgrade is calculated as the difference in the prices of the purchased and surrendered product. If simultaneously with "BAS Retail" client or server licenses "BAS" are purchased, then in this case the upgrade price is calculated based on the cost of the whole set of products.

Users of the software products "Trade", "Aspect" and "Trade and Warehouse" need to return only the registration card. Distributions, documentation and security keys remain with users to complete work with the old program and transfer data to "BAS Retail".

Upgrade is performed through franchise partners . Users of the software products "Trade", "Aspect" and "Trade and Warehouse" need to apply to the franchisee partner for an upgrade. The application form and the sample of its filling are given in the Appendix to this information letter.

Upgrade from "BAS Retail" to other software products is not provided.

Service maintenance

For the product "BAS Retail", as for other "BAS" products, the PROF version provides for ITS).

The package of the software package includes the ITS of the current issue and a coupon for free service by ITS for 6 months. In order to receive services, the user must register the purchased software product in the firm "BAS" and issue a free half-year subscription from the partner who sold the box to the coupon that comes with the software product.

ITS service includes:

  • line consultation services by phone and email ;
  • getting the configuration update and the "BAS" platform, as well as other useful information on the user support site;
  • monthly receipt of the ITS release, containing methodological materials on setting up and operating the system, a variety of consultations.

At the end of the period of free service to continue to receive these services, as well as the services of support partners for this product, you must subscribe for a paid subscription to ITS.

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