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Shipping List Organization of assembly/assembly of goods, reservations under the order of the buyer

Модуль "Отгрузочный лист" предназначен для организации сбора товара на складе и подготовке товара к отгрузке покупателю.

Industry ATP, transport management  
Category Common forms  
Type Management Accounting  
Cofigurations Trade management  Manufacturing enterprise management  Trade Management, edition 2.3  Trade Management, edition 10.3  
Shipping List Organization of assembly/assembly of goods, reservations under the order of the buyer
UAH 8 000
Full description

The "Shipping List" module is designed to organize the collection of goods in stock and the preparation of goods for shipment to the buyer.

The shipping list performs the adjustment of reserves of goods under the order of the buyer.

Scheme of document flow of the “Shipping List” module

Module Description

1. Document “Shipping List”. On the basis of the document “Customer’s Order” we create a document “Shipping List”.

Important: according to one document “Buyer’s Order” you can create an unlimited number of shipping lists. For example, there is no stock of some goods (a document is “Order to supplier”). When these goods are in stock, the storekeeper will be able to collect them and deliver them for shipment.

Fig.1. Creating a “Shipping List” document on the basis of the “Buyer's Order” document.

2. Created document “Shipping List”. The initial status of the document "In Work".
In the tabular part of the document, the "Products" tab, a list of products is displayed indicating the planned quantity that can be collected for shipment.

Fig.2. Appearance of the document "Shipping List". Document Status "In Work".

3. The storekeeper indicates the presence of this product in the warehouses in the column “Collected”, the value “entered collected” and “provision status” are automatically entered.
After this, the program will offer to transfer the document to the “After Assembly” status.

Fig.3. Filling the document "Shipping List" storekeeper. Translation of the document status in the "After Assembly".

4. The “Shipping List” document contains the report “Balances by Goods”. The report shows the number of goods reserved for customer orders, domestic orders, credit orders, etc. The report can be grouped by warehouse and detailed to the level of a specific reserve document.

Fig.4. Report “Remains of goods” in the document “Shipping List”.

Fig.5. Printed form of the “Shipping List” document.

5. For goods that are not in stock, another shipping list is created.

Fig.6. Appearance of the document "Shipping List". The goods are not in stock.

When the document “Sales of goods and services” is carried out, control is exercised on the “Shipping lists” documents. If the shipping list is not fully assembled, an Order to Supplier document is generated. Upon receipt of the goods, the storekeeper collects a shipping list. After, we can issue implementation.
The document "The sale of goods and services" closes the shipping list.

Fig.7. The document "The sale of goods and services", the closing of the document "Shipping List".

6. The subordination structure of the document "Buyer's Order".

Fig.8. The subordination structure of the document "Buyer's Order".

Module cost: from 8000 UAH

Developer: NCT Company

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