Automatic loading of price lists of suppliers and the balance of goods from suppliers

Automatic loading of price lists of suppliers and the balance of goods from suppliers

UAH 12 000 and more
Автоматическая загрузка прайсов поставщиков и остатков товаров у поставщиков

Download in the "1С:Підприємство" price lists and the remnants of goods from suppliers:
  • from Excel files received regularly by email.
  • via vendor API commands.

Data loading is performed fully automatically. Data matches are configured once and then the system works automatically. 

Where and how it works 

This solution has been successfully working since 2010 in trade organizations selling spare parts for cars, as well as household goods.
In organizations that sell spare parts, the solution works with very large price lists. Sometimes up to a million lines. Before the implementation of this solution, loading price lists was handled by a separate person, who spent up to 2/3 of his working day on this. After implementation, the time was reduced to several hours a week (checking whether the price list formats of suppliers who like to do this have changed).
Where household appliances are sold, the program can process price lists from hundreds of suppliers.
Today the program is implemented using conventional forms (USP, UT). Implementation on managed forms is possible. Change does not require much time.


Operating principle and functionality

All the various information about prices and supplier balances, first of all, is reduced to a single data structure and loaded into a special register of information. In the next step, this information register is processed, where it matches the supplier’s data with our nomenclature directory. The main parameters for the docking: this is the article number of the product and the manufacturer of the company. But even if they differ, it is possible to customize all. 

For example: There are Two products: Ka 075.21 (item 1) and KA-07521 (item 2) - even in this case, you can configure automatic matching of items with the Nomenclature reference book.
Once connected goods are saved to further ensure processing speed.
All solution functions work on the server through a background task.

If the supplier’s price list contains information on several warehouses, it can also be processed and saved. Depending on the need, we can process either one specific warehouse or several warehouses or all. 

In addition to the price, which can also be saved either as Procurement or as Sales (processed according to a specific formula for each product group) information on balances is also saved. Even in the format: 10+, more than 10 etc.
This information can be very easily added either in the form of selection of goods or in the workplace of the manager.
To properly configure, you need to allocate time to the initial setting. In the future, it remains only to periodically check whether there is something new for suppliers, and whether they have changed the parameters of the file being sent (for price lists that we receive by mail).

The principle of operation can be viewed in the video:

More in screenshots

Fig.1. Workplace to configure and test the download. 

Fig.2. Choosing a supplier for downloading prices and balances, adjusting data loading settings.

The following form sets the data:

  • List of documents with the prices of suppliers;
  • Registers with settings;
  • Selected match table;
  • Reference to configure the receipt of prices from the mail;
  • Settings of suppliers with API. 

Fig.3. Configure letter identification.

Since some suppliers may send different prices to the manual, there may be different topics, different file names, etc. This setting will help all these details to customize. 

Fig.4. Set up processing of one supplier's warehouse.

Fig.5. Processing options for each manufacturer for each supplier. 

Fig.6. List of suppliers. Checkboxes marked not yet processed prices.

The form below displays the resulting summary information on prices and balances, prepared for download in "1С:Підприємство":

  • Information from the supplier;
  • Found a match to our nomenclature;
  • Brand summary. The ability to analyze and, if necessary, add products.

Fig.7. The resulting list of products with prices and balances.

Fig.8. Price setting document for one supplier's warehouse.

Solution cost: 

  1. The cost of the module is 12,000 UAH., taking into account the implementation in the customer’s configuration.
  2. In addition to this amount, an individual setting for loading price lists of your suppliers:
    • Up to 10 hours is needed for advice on setting up price lists for all suppliers who send prices as Excel files.
    • Up to 15 hours is needed to configure each provider, which gives access to its prices through API commands. 

Developer: NCT Company


Online store of plumbing and heating equipment "Santechsklad"

Solved problems within the project: 

Configuration: "Management of trade enterprise (MTE)" + "CPM 1.4 from "Rarus"". 

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