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Web access for customers to the database, a solution option for the production company for the production of metal profiles and shingles. The program for dealers "Alternative"

Зачем необходима данная программа:
  • Для предоставления постоянным клиентам возможности самим оформлять заказы на покупку товаров.
  • Когда необходимо предоставить постоянным клиентам доступ в реальном времени к информации, которую они обычно запрашивают у менеджеров в телефонном режиме или электронной почтой, без предоставления доступа в основную базу BAS - это данные по задолженности, по складским запасами, ценам, бонусам и другая информация.
  • Поддержка и доработка должна делаться быстро и просто силами программистов BAS, без привлечения специалистов по разработке сайтов.
  • Клиент не должен ничего устанавливать на своем ПК или планшете, или смартфоне. Вся работа ведется через интернет-браузер.

Программа заточена под бизнес по производству метало-профиля и черепицы. Кроме того, она также помогает продавать автозапчасти, товары для зеленого энергопотребления, канцтовары и т.п.

Industry Production  
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Type Management Accounting  
Cofigurations Manufacturing enterprise management  
Web access for customers to the database, a solution option for the production company for the production of metal profiles and shingles. The program for dealers "Alternative"
UAH 8 000
Full description

Purpose of the program:

Provide key partners of the production company with operational information in real time. On the production company, products that are made to order, in the warehouse can not be present. Therefore, dealers see information about the remains of materials, from which they will be produced what they need.

Order Formation

Dealer, determining whether there is a required metal, performs the formation of an order in real time.

The column with prices is hidden, as commercial information.

List of Program Functionality

  • Basic - collect an order to the cart and send it to the supplier.
  • Notify the responsible manager of the arrival of the new order.
  • Send an email confirming the order to the buyer.
  • Track order status.
  • The ability to analyze mutual settlements, as well as what and when the user bought (up to the positions of the nomenclature).
  • The possibility of forming the current price list.
  • Convenient and simple selection according to the catalog of the nomenclature.
  • Remains of the nomenclature can be shown in the format "125 pcs." Or "More than 50 pcs."
  • The possibility of individual settings for the user (who, what and in what format will be seen - this is all configured by the program administrator).
  • The ability to temporarily (or permanently) disable the user.
  • The interface language is Russian, if necessary, any other, for example: Kazakh.
  • and other options.

Fig.1. Form with information about the remains of materials from which the finished products are made.

Fig.2. Information about the workload of production lines.

Fig.3. Form of selection of finished products in order.

Fig.4. Form of selection of goods in the formation of an order for finished products.

Fig.5. Order form with a list of selected items of finished products. By clicking the "Send Processing Order" button, the order is sent to the main database.

Fig.6. Report on our orders for the period.

Fig.7. Help menu, how to work with the program (web client), basic questions.

Cost of work: 8000 UAH.

Developer: NCT

Review for 30 minutes of free work on settings and consultations

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