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BAS Retail

BAS Retail

Full description

The application solution "BAS Retail" is designed to automate the business processes of retail and wholesale sales in stores and other retail outlets, including those united in the trading network.

"BAS Retail" automates the registration of the following transactions:

  • the arrival of goods from the counterparty to the warehouse of the store
  • selling goods and services to a counterparty
  • moving goods between stores, in-store warehouses, stores and warehouses of a trading company
  • trade in sets of goods created both at the time of sale of goods, and with pre-sale preparation of the kit
  • returns of goods from customers, including refund after closing the cash register
  • stock inventory
  • registration of incoming and outgoing cash orders directly in stores
  • clearance of sales checks, and at the end of the change of the consolidated report on the cash register machine, taking into account the returned goods per shift
  • transfer of funds between stores, internal ticket offices, shops and cashiers of a trading company
  • working with acquiring systems, accounting for payment of goods on payment cards, accounting for acquiring contracts and the conditions for the return / non-return of an acquirer's trade concession when returning goods
  • working with bank loans
  • the use of interest discounts on discount cards (fixed and funded discounts), discounts with a division of stores, discounts to counterparties, discounts on the amount of checks, discounts on the time of action, by the quantity of goods, by type of payment
  • support of commercial equipment: fiscal registrars, data collection terminals, bar code scanners, electronic scales, customer displays, acquiring systems, magnetic card readers

"BAS Retail" can be used in conjunction with the management system, which is used as the program "BAS Trade Management": "BAS Retail" automates the front-office, and "BAS Trade Management" automates back-office.

The cost of the program "BAS Retail" - 6 690 UAH.

If you plan to use the program "BAS Retail" on several computers , purchase the appropriate number of client licenses (UAH):

Name Price, UAH
Client license for 1 workplace 3 300
Client license for 5 workplaces 11 610
Client license for 10 workplaces 22 290
Client license for 20 workplaces 42 360
Client license for 50 workplaces 100 500
Client license for 100 workplaces 183 600

Maintenance of the "BAS Retail" program is carried out if there is a valid subscription to ITS.

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