Salary and personnel management

Salary and personnel management

The program "Salary and Personnel Management" is intended for the integrated automation of payroll calculation and implementation of the personnel policy of enterprises.

This is an applied solution of the new generation, which takes into account both legal requirements and the actual practice of enterprises, as well as promising global trends in the development of approaches to motivation and staff management.

The application solution can be successfully applied in the personnel management and accounting departments of enterprises, as well as in other divisions interested in the effective organization of work of employees. With the help of the solution, the following areas of managerial and accounting activities are automatized:

  • planning of staff requirements;
  • solving the problems of providing business with personnel - selection, questioning and evaluation;
  • management of competencies, training, employee certifications;
  • managing financial motivation of staff ;
  • effective employment planning for staff ;
  • personnel accounting and personnel analysis;
  • accrual and payment of wages;
  • calculation of taxes and contributions from the wage fund regulated by the law;
  • reflection of accrued wages and taxes in enterprise costs.

The subject area , automatized by the application solution "Salary and Personnel Management".

The program allows you to maintain accounting in a single information database on behalf of several organizations - legal entities, as well as individual entrepreneurs who, from the point of view of business organization, constitute a single enterprise.

Two types of accounting are simultaneously maintained in the program: : managerial and regulated. Management accounting is maintained for the enterprise as a whole, and the regulated accounting is maintained separately for each organization.

The program "Salary and Personnel Management" will be useful to all employees of the enterprise.

  • The management will have full control over what is happening, set the structure of the enterprise and its constituent organizations, analyze the personnel structure, make management decisions based on complete and reliable information. Powerful analytical reports provide the user with information in arbitrary sections.
  • The Human Resources Service will receive a valuable tool for automating routine tasks, including questioning and preparing reports on employees with different conditions of selection and sorting.
  • Employees of the enterprise will be sure that at any time they will be able to quickly get the necessary information, information about their leave, personalized records in the Pension Fund, etc.

The submission of regulated reporting to government agencies will be a much less time consuming process . This is especially true of information for personalized accounting of the Pension Fund (SZV-4, ADV-11) and reporting on personal income tax (2-NDFL).

"Salary and Personnel Management" is a mass program created on the technological platform of the new generation "1C:Підприємство". The software package includes the typical configuration "Salary and Personnel Management".

For the purpose of accounting, the joint work of the application solution "Salary and Personnel Management" is provided with the program "Accounting".

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