BAS Medicine. Hospital

BAS Medicine. Hospital

The application solution "BAS Medicine" is designed to automate the main activities of a medical organization that provides medical care to patients in outpatient settings and day hospitals.

The application solution "BAS Medicine" also includes subsystems for the automation of hospitals that provide medical care in clinics and in inpatient conditions around the clock.

The application solution "BAS Medicine" allows you to create a single information space of a medical organization with shared access to data role principle. It is possible to keep records of several medical organizations in one information database.

The program allows you to comprehensively automate various types of activities of a medical organization, thereby ensuring effective management of a modern medical organization. Due to its wide capabilities, system settings can be adapted to various business processes of a medical organization.

The configuration automates the following activities of a medical organization:
  • Registration of patients;
  • Maintaining electronic medical records of the patient;
  • Accounting and maintaining medical sites;
  • Formation of patient orders;
  • Planning the work of a medical organization;
  • Acceptance of payment for medical services from individuals;
  • Formation of a shift task for medical personnel;
  • Registration of documents;
  • Accounting equipment and much more.

The configuration automates the following activities of a medical organization:
  • Procurement management;
  • Registration of returns;
  • Cost-effectiveness analysis;
  • Inventory management in a pharmacy;
  • Accounting for funding sources and more.

Using the configuration "BAS Medicine" allows for the comprehensive automation of warehouses and departments of a medical organization. Managers of procurement management services will be able to track the entire "product life cycle, from the time of procurement planning to the time of shipment of goods by suppliers.

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