BAS Workflow. CORP

Workflow CORP

The product "Workflow СORP" is focused on budgetary institutions, as well as on medium and large commercial enterprises. 
The application solution is suitable for enterprises that use a large volume of workflow in their work. 
The solution allows to reduce the time during registration of documents, processing and storage of documents. 
The system allows to avoid loss of originals, and also provides online search for documents.

Solution benefits for different levels of management

System tools "Workflow СORP" allow to implement electronic document management technology in various structures. Implementing a business solution allows you to achieve the following effect:

For senior management:

  • order automation;
  • performance control;
  • accounting and control of employee time;
  • reporting and quick search of information.
For the legal department:
  • full accounting of contract documentation;
  • work with accompanying documents;
  • control of the return of the "second copy" of the document;
  • unified information environment of all documents.

For the financial service:

  • contract payment schedules;
  • integration with financial accounting systems;
  • automatic transfer to the accounting system of only agreed documents;
  • control of the amounts, durations and responsible persons under the contracts.
For HR Management:

  • storage base for regulated documentation: job descriptions, orders, orders, labor contracts, control of the terms of labor contracts and their continuation;
  • storage of the history of communication with ordinary employees (questioning, interviewing, etc.).
For IT service:

  • flexible system parameter settings;
  • user-friendly interface;
  • logging user work; ease of database administration;
  • differentiation of access rights.
For clerical service:

  • accounting of all correspondence at the enterprise;
  • control over the execution of documents;
  • automatic delivery of deadlines;
  • wide range of ready reporting forms;
  • full-text document search;
  • automatic printing;
  • control over the receipt and availability of paper copies and copies of documents.
For all employees:

  • the convenience of working with a single database of documents, the possibility of group work on the same file.
  • versioning of objects; self-monitoring of internal documents.


"Workflow CORP" in a complex solves a wide range of tasks of automation of document accounting, employee interaction, control and analysis of performing discipline.
The program supports multi-user work on a local network or via the Internet.
"Workflow CORP" complies with all legislative and regulatory requirements governing the procedure for working with documents. Applied solution and documentation are available in Russian and Ukrainian.

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