BAS Accounting. PROF

«BAS Accounting» — universal program for the automation of accounting and tax accounting, including the preparation of mandatory reporting. “BAS Accounting” is intended for keeping records of various types of activities in any commercial organizations. One program supports various taxation systems: a general, simplified, taxation system in the form of a single tax on imputed income.

  • Accounting for the economic activities of several organizations in a single information database or in several information databases;
  • Accounting "from the document" and typical operations;
  • Currency operations;
  • Batch accounting;
  • Inventory control;
  • Trade Accounting;
  • Accounting for cash transactions;
  • Accounting for fixed assets and intangible assets;
  • Production accounting;
  • Electronic reporting.

Cost "BAS Accounting"

Typical Business Automation Products Price, UAH
BAS Accounting. PROF
8 400
BAS Accounting. PROF. 5 user kit 16 200

If you plan to use "BAS Accounting" on several computers, purchase the appropriate number of client licenses:

Name Price, UAH
Client license for 1 workplace 4 200
Client license for 5 workplace 14 400
Client license for 10 workplaces 27 000
Client license for 20 workplaces 51 600
Client license for 50 workplaces 126 000
Client license for 100 workplaces 222 000

Serving "BAS Accounting" version of PROF is carried out with a valid subscription to ITS.

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