BAS Accounting. CORP

The product "BAS Accounting. CORP." is a comprehensive product that automates the basic functions of the accounting service of the enterprise:
  • extract and verification of primary documents;
  • accounting and tax accounting;
  • conducting personnel records and payroll;
  • preparation and delivery of regulated reporting;
  • budget settlements.
The product automates the following accounting functions:
  • Display in the business accounting registers of the enterprise;
  • Extract of primary documents for all sections of the account;
  • Verification of documents entered by the operational services of the enterprise; division of rights to work with documents between accounting and operational services;
  • Definition of accounting accounts of assets and liabilities of the enterprise;
  • Formation of accounting entries (reflected in accounting) of documents.
Accounting for trading activities:
  • Billing for payment, preparation of invoices and acts on the sale of goods and services in wholesale trade;
  • Registration of suppliers' accounts, documents of receipt of goods and services from suppliers;
  • Transfer and acceptance of goods for commission;
  • Display of retail sales;
  • Return of goods from buyers and suppliers.
Production Accounting:
  • Production of finished products and semi-finished products, provision of production services;
  • Registration of direct and indirect production costs, their inclusion in production costs.

Cash and Settlement Accounting:
  • Issue of payment orders and cash orders;
  • Accounting for cash and non-cash cash flows;
  • Accounting for acquiring operations;
  • Accounting for settlements with customers and suppliers, allocation of advances;
  • Accounting for operations in foreign currency.
Inventory accounting:
  • Quantitative accounting and determination of the cost of inventories;
  • Accounting for fixed assets.
HR accounting and payroll:
  • Calculation of salaries to employees of the enterprise according to salary, accruals and content with the ability to specify the method of reflection in accounting separately for each type of accrual;
  • Accounting for working hours;
  • Mutual settlements with employees before paying salaries and transferring salaries to card accounts of employees
  • deposit;
  • Calculation of taxes and contributions regulated by law, the taxable base of which is the salary of employees of organizations.

Closing period:
  • Performing the final operations of the period: cost allocation and costing, calculating exchange differences, determining financial results and the like;
  • Analysis of period operations using standard accounting and analytical reports.

Tax accounting:
  • Determination of the amounts of the 1st event, accrual of tax obligations and tax credit;
  • Issue of tax invoices and their annexes, registration of incoming tax documents;
  • Accrual of tax depreciation of non-current assets;
  • Accounting for income and expenses of a single tax payer.
Regulatory Reporting:
  • Formation of financial, tax, statistical and other forms of regulated reporting according to accounting data;
  • Integration with the electronic reporting service "FREDO Report".

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