Alfa-Auto: Car service + Auto parts, edition 4 for 1 user. Electronic delivery

Alfa-Auto: Car service + Auto parts, edition 4 for 1 user. Electronic delivery

"Alfa-Auto: Car service + Auto parts" is specially created for the enterprises which are engaged in wholesale and retail trade in automobile spare parts and tires, and also providing services in repair of cars (car service).

Features and functionality

  • Reduced customer service time through the use of streamlined program processes.

  • Optimization of the main business processes of the auto business company.

  • Providing objective information about the company's activities.

  • Protection of commercial information, differentiation of users by the level of access to information.

  • Access to any information takes place in one "click".

  • Accounting for the activities of all divisions of the company is kept in a single database (sales of auto parts, car service, finance, marketing).

  • Automation of basic business processes avoids abuse and staff errors.

  • Everything under control - analytical reporting in all areas (cars, spare parts, orders, finance, car service, marketing).

  • Integration with other systems allows you to download information from catalogs of spare parts, auto works and tinting.

  • The system is developed on the platform "1C:Підприємство", which ensures efficient operation and reliable storage of information.

  • The program works stably with any number of users.

Car service:

  • a wide range of services provided - from washing to complex repairs;

  • accounting of spare parts by applicability;

  • maintaining statistics on services, spare parts installed on the car, various types of repairs, the history of customer requests;

  • pre-registration for repairs by workshops or craftsmen;

  • repair control;

  • preliminary cost estimate of the repair.

Work orders:

  • execution of a full package of documents on order-along;

  • selection of related works (work + spare parts);

  • accounting for the percentage of participation of masters in works;

  • cost estimates in different currencies, the tariff can be determined for each specific client;

  • work status display (not started, in progress, paused, completed).

Sales management:

  • wholesale, retail, commission sales;

  • ergonomic cashier interface;

  • different pricing options;

  • control of customer demand based on customer orders;

  • accounting in various units of measurement (automatic recalculation).

Loading catalogs:

  • the ability to download files of various formats;  

  • connection of external price lists of suppliers for storage in the database;

  • loading data from MicroCat;

  • loading data from programs: Silver-Dat, Audatex, AutoData, Autonorms, AutoSoft.

Work orders:

  • viewing history by customer or vehicle;

  • spare parts reservation;

  • ordering missing spare parts, an application for the issue of spare parts from the warehouse;

  • selection of related works (work + spare parts);

  • subcontracting work;

  • automatic distribution of production to mechanics from the amount of work and the percentage of participation;  

  • work status display.

Inventory control:

  • relocation, write-off;

  • inventory, re-grading;

  • equipment, dismantling;

  • issue to production and return from production;

  • commodity report;

  • work in progress report;

  • consumption of parts for work orders;

  • job statistics;

  • development of performers;

  • analysis of illiquid parts.

Multi-company accounting:

  • a company can consist of several organizations;

  • a separate set of reports for each organization. 


Buyer orders:

  • analysis of the need for an item;

  • reservation of goods;

  • registration of lost demand;  

  • formation of orders to suppliers.

Trade software:

  • fiscal registrars;

  • payment authorizers;

  • buyer displays;

  • barcode scanners;

  • libra;

  • magnetic card readers;

  • data collection terminals, etc..

Analytical reporting:

  • commodity reports;

  • balances and turnover of goods;

  • sales report;

  • stock analysis;

  • status of buyers orders;

  • summary sheet for work orders;

  • report on the arrival of cars.

"Alfa-Auto: Car Service + Auto Parts" is convenient:

  • Accounting for the activities of all divisions of the company in one information space (sales of auto parts, car service, finance, marketing);

  • Sophisticated mechanisms of interaction between program subsystems;

  • Debugged and reliable processes of the car service, sale of spare parts;

  • The mechanism for granting rights to information minimizes the possibility of errors and abuse by staff;

  • Uploading documents and information about clients to the program "Accounting for Ukraine";

  • If necessary, you can modify the program both by the involved programmers and on your own..

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