Implementation and maintenance of "BAS"
Внедрение и сопровождение "BAS"

Implementation and maintenance of "BAS"

The introduction of "BAS" is an important and responsible step for each enterprise. To date, without the automation of the enterprise, all its business processes, its activities are not possible. This is the process from installing the software to the moment when it becomes part of the daily activities of the company.


Stages of work on the introduction of "BAS"

Step 1. At the initial stage of the introduction of "BAS" it is very important to conduct a qualitative preliminary examination, which will determine the progress of the implementation of "BAS".

The main pre-survey objectives, which we carefully follow:

  • Analyze the current situation in your company ;
  • Clearly identify the requirements and wishes of the customer, which should be followed in the future work;
  • Evaluate the forthcoming scope of work.

As a result of our research, we will outline the ways of automation, effectively allocate resources, and optimize the accounting system. As a result, you will avoid additional time and financial costs.

Step 2. Stages of installing the software product. 
  • Implementation of "BAS";
  • User testing of software features;
  • Creating personalized settings;
  • Migrate your previously created records;
  • Completion of the software product based on the customer's additional requests;
  • Gradual start-up of your employees in the new system;
  • Using all the features and capabilities of an automated system.
Step 3. Testing, adaptation and commissioning of the software product. 
Step 4. Accompanying "BAS"

Postproject support and "BAS" support are performed by qualified specialists of our company on the basis of monthly service agreements. 

Our goal – help users to adapt to the new system, give them the opportunity to work with it effectively.

Support "BAS" includes:

  • Consultation of a specialist by phone or, if necessary, leaving to the customer's office;
  • Timely update of the platform and releases ;
  • Regular updating of reporting forms;
  • Consultation for your employees.

Result of work: 

  • The system is up to date;
  • Software meets the needs of your business.

The service plan is chosen by the customer himself among proposed options.

Support and support "BAS" includes:
Adaptation to the specifics of accounting for a particular organization 

In your organization, accounting is conducted in a way different from that realized in the typical configuration of "BAS" or there are complicated accounting areas? Do you suffer significant losses due to inefficient accounting? The specialists of our company have great practical experience in automation of accounting. They adapt the software product "BAS" to the requirements and objectives of your organization.

Our consultants will perform the following works:
  • studying accounting at the enterprise in order to identify the distinctive features of accounting from a typical configuration of "BAS";
  • make recommendations on how to optimally change a typical configuration or business processes in your organization;
  • preliminary estimate of the cost of work on adaptation of "BAS";
  • coordination of work on accounting optimization;
  • completion of the "BAS" program for specific tasks;
  • preparing instructions for working with the changed configuration of "BAS";
  • training users to work in a modified program.


Switching to new versions, transferring data

You are a user of "1C:Підприємство" software versions 7.7, 8.0, 8.1, 8.2 because at the time of program selection they were the best solutions on the market. We are sure that for a long time the programs have been your faithful assistants. But modern realities are: the number of tasks, the necessary speed of decision-making, the technical characteristics of computers is increasing. And the introduction of "BAS" is just a necessary condition for successful work in a highly competitive market.

With the programs "BAS" you can: 
  • organize the safe operation of users of the system via the Internet ;
  • switch user interfaces, depending on the functions performed;
  • work more quickly - reports have become much more functional and work faster, because the query language has been improved;
  • take reports without leaving the office directly from the program "BAS";
  • use the mechanism of data analysis and forecasting, which will identify the patterns of business development in the enterprise and make timely management decisions in a timely manner.
How to upgrade to the new version? 

Typical configuration (no change) 
You can make the transition yourself or use the services of the company NCT. The specialists of the company will set up a new version of the program, prepare it for receiving the data, cope with possible difficulties in the transition, verify the correctness of the data transfer.

Configuration with minor changes 

If there are minor changes in your working configuration, then it is better to refuse them and make a typical data transfer. This will save time and money. Most likely, the changes have already been included in the new version of the program, if not - we will finalize the new version of the program.

Configuration atypical (written from scratch)
Configurations with a large number of changes must be re-written. This work can only be done by a highly qualified specialist. Adaptation to the specifics of accounting for a particular organization is ours.

Creating a new structure of the enterprise, optimizing business processes, increasing staff, the need for differentiation of rights is only part of the reasons for switching to the new version of "BAS". When switching to "BAS" from previous versions of the program (upgrade) are provided discounts of up to 50% More information on our contact phones.


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