How to add a new user by copying the settings of another user

How to add a new user by copying the settings of another user

1. We open accounting system. Nearby it is necessary to open one more, where to open the data with which it is necessary to compare and transfer to a new user card. On the taskbar, select "Position windows near".

Fig.1. Opening two accounting systems to create a new user. Specifying the location of windows.

2. Go to the menu "Tools" - "Users" - "User list". Open the "Users" directory in two accounting systems. We copy the user from the "User for the sample" (user data on the left). In the new user's card, fill in the correct names and choose an individual.

Fig.2. Copy user from "User for sample".

3. Compare in both windows the settings "User for the sample" and the New user. Enter in the new user data.

Fig.3. Comparison of "User for sample" and "New User" settings.

4. If you use the built-in mail client, we also fill in the data.

Fig.4. Filling the settings of the built-in mail client in the new user's card.

5. After filling the settings, the system will display the message "Automatically create an IS user". After they answered "Yes" to the request to create an IB User (the user of the information database, the user who needs to be entered as a login in the accounting system), a new user card will be opened.

Fig.5. The message "Automatically create an IS user". Confirm creation.

6. In the form of a new IB user's card, it is necessary to fill in the roles (rights), the main interface, the language, the password. When determining the roles, it is necessary to look at the user's IB card for the user for the sample.

Fig.6. Filling a card for a new IB user.

7. Next, we copy the settings of additional rights by clicking in one accounting system and another button "Advanced settings".

Fig.7. Configuring Additional Rights.

8. If access is used at the record level (Fig. 8), then we add the user to the required group availability (Fig.9).

Fig.8. Constants. If you set "Restrict access rights at the record level", you must add the user to the required user group.

Fig.9. Adding a new user to the availability group, the User Groups directory.

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