Alfa-Auto: Car service+Auto parts, edition 6 for 1 user

Alfa-Auto: Car service+Auto parts, edition 6 for 1 user

The solution "Alfa-Auto: Autosalon + Autoservice + Autozapchastini, edition 6" will help automate all the work processes of auto enterprises. The new sixth edition is intended primarily for the corporate segment of the auto business: chain companies, independent dealerships and car dealerships. However, other market participants, for example, auto parts stores and small service stations, will find useful functions in the program.


With the help of "Alfa-Auto: Autosalon + Autoservice + Auto parts, edition 6" the main tasks of the auto business will be solved:

  • Maintain customer interaction.

  • Place orders and sales of new cars.

  • Carry out pre-sale preparation of vehicles.

  • Carry out redemption and sale of used cars.

  • Provide car repair and maintenance services.

  • Wholesale and retail of spare parts.

  • Organize the work of a warehouse.

  • Take into account payments and track the status of mutual settlements with buyers and suppliers.

Management can quickly receive and use data on various aspects of the company. The system provides comprehensive information necessary for making management decisions.

"Alfa-Auto: Autosalon + Autoservice + Auto parts, edition 6" includes the following accounting modules

CRM and marketing:

  • Maintaining a customer base.

  • Accounting and storage of personal data.

  • Customer relationship.

  • Integration with telephony.

  • Marketing events.

  • Bonus and discount programs.

  • Polls and questionnaires.

Car showroom:

  • Maintaining sales department worksheets.

  • Sale of new and used cars.

  • Pre-sale preparation and retrofitting of vehicles.

  • Test Drive.

  • Trade-in and commission trading.

  • Accounting for car deliveries. 

  • Responsible car storage and consignment.

After-sales service:

  • Resource load scheduling.

  • Registration of repairs in the form of consolidated repair orders.

  • Automated workplace of a car service employee.

  • Employee production accrual.

Spare parts and accessories:

  • Wholesale of spare parts.

  • Retail sale of spare parts.

  • Work on orders of spare parts.

  • Spare parts procurement.

  • Intracorporate sales of spare parts, accessories and materials (intercampaign).


  • Payments to buyers and suppliers.

  • Conducting settlements with accountable persons.

  • Budgeting.

Service functions:

  • Data exchange with accounting systems.

  • Data exchange with manufacturers catalogs.

Benefits of the program:

  • Ability to work in the "thin" client mode.

  • Ability to work in web client mode.

  • Separation of price types by applicability: for spare parts, auto works, cars.

  • Unified vehicle filing cabinet, storage of the original VIN number.

  • Search for clients by various data: VIN, state. car number, full name, etc.

  • The ability of managers to work only with their clients.

  • Tracking the effectiveness of the work of managers.

  • Spare parts order status tracking.

  • Notification of managers about the receipt of the item by the order of the buyer.

  • Lost demand registration.

  • Accounting for replacement parts.

  • Possibility to prohibit sales below cost price.

  • Support for multiple supplier price lists.

  • Storing the histories of all clients.

  • Automated workplace of a car service employee.

  • Standardization of work time by car models and trim levels.

  • Maintenance of vehicles, Tracking the periods of maintenance.

  • The ability to issue several work orders with different payers and types of repairs in one visit (car check-in).

  • Classification of work performed by reason of request.

  • Executing service campaigns.

  • Accounting for subcontracted works.

  • Receiving tires for storage.

  • Customer and warehouse orders for cars.

  • Registration of orders to suppliers for cars.

  • Flexible settings when forming the cost of cars.

  • Test drive cars.

  • Responsible car storage and consignment.

  • Pre-sale preparation of vehicles, installation of additional equipment.

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