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Tourism. Management of a travel company

Модуль “Туризм” для "Управління торговим підприємством" - программа для автоматизации бухгалтерского, налогового и управленческого учета компаний, занимающихся как турагентской, так и туроператорской деятельностью.
Модуль “Туризм” работает на базе "Управління торговим підприємством".

Industry Tourism  
Category Additional settings  Common forms  
Type Management Accounting  
Cofigurations Trade management  Manufacturing enterprise management  Trade Management, edition 2.3  СRМ 1.4 from Rarus  Trade Management, edition 10.3  
Tourism. Management of a travel company
UAH 10 000
Full description

The module “Tourism” is a program to automate the accounting, tax and management accounting of companies engaged in both travel agent and tour operator activities.

Cooperation with companies that are professionally engaged in the issues of tourism activity has allowed to correctly integrate the accounting of tourism activities in the program
(both agent and tour operator).
According to your requirements, all necessary program improvements (for example, integration with the website or with other software) can be performed.,
implementation of processes and reports); The program allows you to reflect all operations of the company.
The product is constantly updated and maintained, which ensures the continuous development of the system functionality.

Fig.1. Document "Project". General Information.

The project document will allow you to consider the following data:
  • products;
  • billing information, payment;
  • project profitability in general;
  • customer’s country;
  • project period;
  • correspondence and messages on the project;
  • Project Feedback;
  • project events;
  • description.

Fig. 2. Document "Project". Purchase of services (incoming invoices).

Fig.3. Document "Project". Customer invoicing (outgoing invoices).

The system implemented various articles of products, which will allow you to consider the following data on products in the project:

  • general tour;
  • hotels;
  • flights;
  • train tickets;
  • visa;
  • insurance;
  • transfer;
  • food;
  • conference service;
  • creative part;
  • ground handling;
  • commission;
  • other services.

Fig.4. Appearance of the report "Project Report".

Fig.5. Report "Project Payments".

Fig.6. Report "Payment by Products".

Fig.7. Client Dynamics Report.

The system has various reports, which will allow you to receive information on:

  • paid projects;
  • paid products;
  • by air ticket;
  • by event;
  • for the project as a whole;
  • for unpaid projects;
  • receivables;
  • airline sales;
  • hotel sales;
  • client dynamics;
  • event marketing.

The module works on the basis of a typical configuration "Trade Enterprise Management (TEM)".

Module cost: 10,000 UAH (excluding the cost of implementation in the customer’s configuration).

Developer: NCT Company

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