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Integration of BAS programs with "Bitrix24". Integration of the standard solution from "Bitrix24"

Интеграция типового решения от "Битрикс24" по интеграции "Битрикс 24" с программами BAS.

Основной сценарий, который поддерживается для обмена счетами:

1) Счета создаются на стороне CRM.
2) Счета при достижении определенного статуса отправляются в программе BAS.
3) На стороне BAS может быть проведена оплата счета или его отгрузка, может быть изменен состав товаров счета их стоимость и кол-во. Все эти данные будут автоматически отправлены в CRM при очередной синхронизации.
4) Эти же изменения на стороне CRM приведут к изменениям соответствующих заказов в BAS.

Основной сценарий обмена товарами:

Обмен товаров реализован односторонний, т.е. отслеживаются изменения только на стороне BAS, а при синхронизации эти изменения попадают в CRM.
Основные настройки выполняются на стороне BAS

Industry Bitrix24  
Category Additional settings  Common forms  Controlled forms  Integration of BAS with cloud-based CRM  
Type Management Accounting  
Cofigurations BAS Trade Management, редакція 3.2  СRМ 2.0 from Rarus  СRМ 2.0 from "1C:Підприємство"  BAS Integrated enterprise management  Trade Management for Russia, edition 11  
Integration of BAS programs with "Bitrix24". Integration of the standard solution from "Bitrix24"
UAH 18 000
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Integration of a standard solution from "Bitrix24" for the integration of "Bitrix24" with BAS programs.

The main scenario that is supported for account exchange

1) Accounts are created on the CRM side. 
2) Accounts when a certain status is reached are sent to BAS programs. 
3) On the BAS programs side, payment of the invoice or its shipment can be made, the composition of the invoice goods can be changed, their cost and quantity. All this data will be automatically sent to the CRM with the next synchronization. 
4) The same changes on the CRM side will lead to changes in the corresponding orders in BAS programs. 

The main commodity exchange scenario

The exchange of goods is realized unilateral, i.e. The changes are monitored only on the BAS programs side, and when synchronized these changes fall into the CRM. 

The basic settings are performed on the "Trade Management" side

1. We start the program "Trade Management". Go to Administration - Data Synchronization - and tick "Data Exchange with Sites":

Рис.1. Установка галочки "Обмен данными с сайтами".
Fig.1. Setting the checkbox "Data exchange with sites". 

2. Create a price type for products , which will be used for exchange. 

Рис.2. Переходим в меню Маркетинг-настройка-устанавливаем или создаем вид цены.
Fig.2. Go to the menu Marketing-Setup-install or create a price type.

Create a price type (you can use the existing price type if it satisfies the parameters below), for example, BASE, specify the currency, VAT (if necessary), save. 

3. We create a model agreement with customers. Go Marketing - Standard agreements with customers - Create (you can use the existing agreement if it meets the parameters below). 

Рис.3. Создаем документ "Типовое соглашение с клиентами" где заполняем все необходимые (обязательные) поля.

Fig.3. We create the document "Standard agreement with clients" where we fill all necessary (obligatory) fields.

Fill all the required fields: 

  • Name- any name, for example, I use BASE.

  • Organization is the name of your organization. 

  • Status - we set "Acting", as it must be an active agreement.

  • Kind of price, you need to select exactly the kind that we created in the previous step, in my case, this is BASE. 

  • Available to external users- we must set the activity of this checkbox so that the data can be synchronized with the "Bitrix24" portal. 

4. You must create an item type (or change it if it already exists). 

Рис.4. Переходим в меню Маркетинг-Справочник "Вид номенклатуры"-создаем вид номенклатуры.

Fig.4. We pass to the menu Marketing-Directory "Kind of nomenclature" -we create a kind of nomenclature.

In the window that opens, you need to specify a name, and also "disable" the "Use characteristics" checkbox activity , if it is installed. 

5. Configure the host. 

Before you start creating a node, go to the CRM Integration Configuration page with BAS programs in "Bitrix24" and allow data exchange with BAS programs.

Рис.5. В меню Администрирование-синхронизация данных-создаем новый узел обмена с сайтами.

Fig.5. In the Administration-Data Synchronization menu, create a new site for sharing with sites.

Go to the tab - Exchange orders. 

Basic settings, it is necessary to fill in all required fields, additional details of documents, a way of identifying counterparties, etc. Click on the "magnifying glass" button and select the appropriate values. 

Рис.6. На закладке "Обмен заказами" необходимо заполнить все обязательные поля.

Fig.6. On the "Exchange orders" tab, you must fill in all the required fields.

Kind of nomenclature, service and agreement - you must select exactly those that you created in the previous steps, they all have to be without characteristics. 

Рис.7. После заполнения всех настроек нажимаем "Синхронизация данных".

Fig.7. After filling all the settings, click "Data Synchronization".

After synchronization, all products from BAS programs will be uploaded to the "Bitrix24" directory. Also, all accounts from the portal will be transferred to BAS programs and for each of them the status will be set. 

What does the client receive as a result of this integration between BAS programs and "Bitrix24":

  • installation of a typical integration module BAS programs with "Bitrix24". We make sure that the module works without errors;
  • launch of standard module functionality;
  • rendering advisory assistance in mastering the functional settings of the module (where and how to configure exchange rules).

Next step - this is setting exchange rules between "Bitrix24" and BAS programs (additional payment for services based on your wishes).

Сost of work: 18000 UAH.

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