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Workplace of the clinic administrator

Конфигурация автоматизирует рабочее место администратора клиники по ведению учета записей к врачам, организации приема пациентов, формирование статистических отчетов, организация работы со страховыми компаниями.
Назначение и функции программы:
  • Рабочее место администратора клиники.
  • График записи к врачам.
  • Работа со страховыми компаниями.
  • Работа с филиалами.
  • Простой, понятный интерфейс.
  • Возможность работать через Интернет-браузер.
  • Возможности печати кассовых чеков на фискальные регистраторы.
  • Учет услуг: цены, скидки
Конфигурация может работать автономно либо может быть установлена на основную конфигурацию базы данных, а именно:

  • «Управління торговим підприємством» (УТП);

  • «Бухглатерія», редакція 2.0;

  • «Комплексная автоматизация», редакція 2;

  • «Бухгалтерія для Росії і Казахстану», редакція 3.0;

  • или другие конфигурации.

Industry Medical clinics, medical institutions  
Category Common forms  Other configurations  Controlled forms  Medical companies  
Type Accounting  Management Accounting  
Cofigurations Trade management  Accounting, edition 2.0  Accounting for Russia and Kazakhstan, edition 3.0  
Workplace of the clinic administrator
UAH 20 000
Full description

The configuration automates the workplace of the clinic administrator for keeping records of visits to doctors, arranging for receiving patients, generating statistical reports, and organizing work with insurance companies.

The configuration can work autonomously or can be installed on the main database configuration, namely:

  • “Management of a trading enterprise” (USP);

  • “Accounting for Ukraine”, edition 2.0;

  • Integrated Automation, Revision 2;

  • “Accounting for Russia and Kazakhstan”, version 3.0;

  • or other configurations.

How is the work organized

In the basic configuration, you maintain accounting and management records.

In the “Workplace of the Clinic Administrator” configuration, you keep records of the operational work of recording and arranging the admission of patients to doctors. Generate reports for insurance companies on the services rendered.

In the main configuration, you form an act of work performed on the basis of the insurance company report.


  • Registration and registration of records to doctors;

  • Formation of schedules of work of doctors (working hours, in which office, holidays, etc.);

  • Many reports for the administrator:

    • on the analysis of medical records;

    • on the burden on doctors;

    • number of patients;

    • statistics on services rendered;

    • statistics on work with insurance companies;

    • others.

  • Organization of the clinic with insurance companies:
    • generating reports for insurance companies;
    • the formation of an act of work performed (this is done within a single database, without using data exchanges between databases);

  • Ability to connect fiscal registrars for printing cash vouchers;

  • Accounting for price lists, the organization of work with prices and discounts.

  • Organization of work with branches of the clinic.

  • Simple, intuitive interface, the ability to work through an Internet browser.

Who may be interested in the configuration:

Clinics to automate the operational work of the reception, if there is no need to automate the workplaces of doctors and laboratories.

The configuration is configured on managed forms BAS, which allows you to organize work with the database through an Internet browser.

Video with configuration overview

Copies of screens

Fig.1. Journal of record keeping to doctors. All the doctors, the schedule of their work, the recorded appointments to the doctor, the status of the doctors: on leave, on leave, on sick leave.

Fig. 2. The document "Entry to the doctor." In the background - the schedule of recording to doctors.

Fig. 3. The patient's card. On the "Services provided" tab, a list of all services provided to the patient.

Fig. 4. Printed form of schedule records to doctors.

Fig. 5. The document "Entry to the doctor." "Services" tab.

Fig. 6. The patient's card. In the background - a directory of patients.

Fig. 7. Administrator's report for the period. Data on doctors, payment data broken down by types of payments and turnover and by insurance companies.

Fig. 8. Report on the number of patients with details on doctors and directions.

Fig. 9. Administrator's report for the day.

Fig. 10. Report on doctors.

Fig. 11. Summary report on patients. Quantitative indicators.

The cost of configuration: 20 000 UAH (without VAT). 

Developer: NCT

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