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Versioning. Save history of object changes in "1C:Підприємство"

Versioning. History of changes in objects in "1C:Підприємство". How to set up versioning of objects in "1C:Підприємство"? What is versioning? Setting options, roles, mechanism for recording versions, etc.

Versioning is storing the history of object changes. Unlike the logbook, in addition to storing the history of who, when and what object changed, the versioning engine allows the system administrator to see the specific changes that users made.

The system allows you to view any version of the object or compare any versions of the object with each other. To work with the history of object changes, you need to preconfigure their versioning. The administrator of the system configures and views the version history.

How to set object versioning?

At this time, the versioning mechanism is available in many typical, most common configurations "1C:Підприємство".

The versioning is set up by the System Administrator with full rights.

Open the "Versioning" tab and check the box "Use object versioning":

Click on "Setting object versioning ..."

When setting up versioning for each type of documents and directories, you can specify:

  • Not versioned - the value is set to all objects by default;
  • Version - the value is used to set up directories and documents;
  • Version at runtime - the value is used only for documents.

If you select the Version option, each time the object is modified, the next version of the object will be recorded in its version history.

If the document is set to the "Version" mode during the conduct, the first version of the document will be recorded in the history only after the first document. Later versions of the document will be recorded with each record of the document held. The mode allows you not to create versions of new and not finalized by the user documents, so as not to increase the size of the IB. It is recommended that you apply this setting to all documents.

Versioning of a large number of objects can lead to an increase in the information base due to the storage of their versions. Therefore, it is recommended to use this opportunity selectively.

To view the history of object changes, open the Tools/Object Change History. The command is available only to the system administrator and only for those objects with versioning configured. In the opened form, select the object (in the example this is the Buyer's order), select the versions of this object that you want to compare, click the "Compare versions" button.

This command will generate a report on changes in the version of the object (click on the image to enlarge):

Roles in Versioning

To work with versioning, users must assign the following roles:

Full rights - Grants the right to: enable and disable the use of versioning; reading object versions; change settings for object versioning; view version report.

Reading object versions - Gives the right to view the history of the object's changes, but does not allow you to read the versions of objects.

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