Download configuration "1С:Підприємство" and send to work

How to save the configuration of the database "1С:Підприємство" and send it to our support team.

1. Open the program launch window and start the required database in the configurator mode (Fig. 1) by pressing the "Configurator" button (circled in red frame).

Note : the red arrow shows the full path on the hard drive where the database is stored.

Рис.1. Окно запуска программы "1С" и выбора необходимой базы данных

Fig.1. The window for starting the program "1С:Підприємство" and selecting the required database

2. We go to the configurator under the user with administrative rights (Fig. 2).

Рис.2. Выбор пользователя с административными правами

Fig.2. Selecting a user with administrative rights

3. In the configurator, in the Configuration menu, click the Open Configuration button, if it is active. If this button is not active, then the configuration is already open. Fig. 3 shows an option when the configuration is already open.

Рис.3. Окно конфигуратора. Меню "Конфигурация\Открыть конфигурацию"

Fig.3. The configurator window. Menu "Configuration\Open configuration"

Note: In Fig. 3. The menu item "Configuration\Open configuration" is highlighted with a red border, the configuration itself with metadata-directories, documents, etc., is highlighted with a blue border.

4. Next, select the Configuration menu, the Save Configuration to File button (Fig. 4)

Рис. 4. Меню "Конфигурация", кнопка "Сохранить конфигурацию в файл"

Fig. 4. "Configuration" menu, "Save configuration to file" button

5. We select the path to save the future configuration file and click "Save" (Fig.5)

Рис.5. Диалог сохранения файла конфигурации на жесткий диск

Fig.5. Dialog of saving the configuration file to the hard disk

6. After successfully saving the configuration file "1С:Підприємство" you can close.

7. Now you need to send the file to us, but because the file size is too large, to send it by e-mail, you need to upload it to any file-exchanger.

Please do not back up the file, it is not effective for this format. It is recommended that you rename the file by adding the configuration version and the name of your organization to the file name.

An example of how to upload this file to Google Drive.

8. If you have a mailbox on, you need to go to the Google Drive section (Fig. 5.1).

Рис. 5.1. Раздел "Google-диск" в почтовом ящике на gmail
Fig. 5.1. "Google Drive" section in the mailbox on gmail
Then, when is in the "Google Drive" section, click the "Upload files" button (Fig. 6) and select the configuration file downloaded from the "1С:Підприємство".
Fig. 6. Dialog form "Google-Disk" for filling the configuration file. Selected button "Upload file"

9. By clicking the "Upload files" button, wait until the procedure for uploading the file to the server is completed (Fig. 7)


Fig. 7. Dialog file download to "Google.Disk"

10. After downloading, select the configuration file in the list of downloaded files and at the bottom of the site include link access (Fig. 9).

Note: the red arrow shows a button that allows access to the downloaded file by reference. The blue arrow shows a link to the downloaded file.

синее красное.jpg

Fig.9. Getting a link to the downloaded file on Google Drive

Next, you need to enable "Access to all who have the link", click on the link "Access settings" (Fig. 9), then click on " More" (Fig. 10) and select the flag " ON (for all who have the link) " (Fig. 10, right side)


Fig.10. Enable access to a file uploaded to Google Drive

11. The last - a unique link to the file (Fig. 9, blue arrow) should be sent to us by e-mail ,  in the text of the letter, please indicate the name of your company
Company "NCT"


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