PM configuration. Why, when paying an advance to the vendor with the document Payment Order, Outbound does not post to VAT accounts (6442, 6441)

In the PM configuration, only a complicated VAT record is kept.

In complex tax accounting, a payment order in the PM does not make VAT entries.

To resolve this issue, you must use the document "Registration of advances in tax accounting".

Also this document is used for payment of advance payment for the sale.


Document "Registration of advances in tax accounting"

It is intended to correct the expected tax credit and tax liabilities for all outstanding advances, for contracts for which the method "for payment" or "for the first event" for accounting for VAT or profit tax.

The document is introduced at the end of the tax period, after registration of all primary (shipping, tax) documents. At the beginning of the next tax period, the adopted adjustments will be compensated for the purpose of maintaining the principle of "shipment" during the tax period.

After the automatic filling in, the user needs to define the parameters of the tax accounting for each registered "advance".

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