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Integration of "1C:Підприємство" with "Google Maps". Visualization of the location of addresses on the map

Интеграция «1С:Підприємство» с «Google Maps». Визуализация расположения адресов на карте.

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Integration of "1C:Підприємство" with "Google Maps". Visualization of the location of addresses on the map
UAH 12 000
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Integration of "1C:Підприємство" with "Google Maps". Visualization of the location of addresses on the map.

Example solution

Рис.1. Список контрагентов, отобранных по району = “Деснянский”.

Fig.1. List of contractors selected by district = "Desniansky", for search on the map.

In Fig. 1 in the directory "counterparts" with the "Shift" button and mouse are selected counterparties, the location of which must be displayed on the map. The shape of the location on the map (Fig. 2) is obtained by pressing the button "On the map".

Рис.2. Форма расположения контрагентов на карте «Maps.Google».

Fig.2. Form of location of counterparties on the map "Maps.Google".

In the "Basic" field, you can specify the main counterparty whose position on the map will be represented by a blue label. Other addresses are represented by red labels. When you hover the cursor on the label, the name of the counterparty and its address.

Рис. 3. Форма редактирования адреса контрагента с возможностью найти на карте.

Fig. 3. Form for editing the address of the counterparty with the possibility to find it on the map.

From the form of editing the address of the counterparty (Fig. 3), by clicking the "Go to the counterparty address" button, you can go to the counterparty location form on the map (Fig. 2). Clicking the button "Find on the map" opens the form for visualizing the address of the counterparty (Fig.4).

Рис.4. Форма визуализации адреса контрагента на карте «Maps.Gogle»

Fig.4. The form of visualization of the counterparty address on the map "Maps.Gogle".

In addition, has an example of a solution to the problem of "building routes and determining distances", which was decided in the framework of the introduction of the configuration "Rarus: Automobile Enterprise".

Setup cost: UAH 12,000 (excluding VAT, including integration into the customer’s configuration).

Developer: NCT

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