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Integration of "1C:Підприємство" with SkyRiver, GPS monitoring service

Модуль интеграции "1С:Підприємство" со «SkyRiver» организовывает передачу адресных точек маршрута на сервис GPS-мониторинга «SkyRiver», которые должны посетить автомобили.

•    Автоматическое определение координат адреса (долгота, ширина), куда должен поехать автомобиль;
•    Передача координат адресов маршрута с "1С:Підприємство" в «SkyRiver».

Необходимые требования: Наличие интеграции с Новой Почтой.

Industry ATP, transport management  
Category Additional settings  Common forms  
Type Management Accounting  
Cofigurations Trade management  Manufacturing enterprise management  Trade Management, edition 2.3  Trade Management, edition 10.3  
Integration of "1C:Підприємство" with SkyRiver, GPS monitoring service
UAH 8 000
Full description
Integration module "1C:Підприємство" with «SkyRiver» organizes the transfer of the waypoints of the route to the GPS monitoring service «SkyRiver», who should visit cars.

•    Automatically determine the coordinates of the address (longitude, width), where the car should go;
•    Transmitting the coordinates of the route addresses from "1C:Підприємство" to «SkyRiver».

Video with integration overview:

More details about the implementation

First you need to establish a correspondence for cars "1C:Підприємство" with what is in the database SkyRiver (Having created them first, in the absence).

Integration-of-1S-with-SkyRiver-GPS-monitoring-service 1
Fig. 1. Setting the object's correspondence (car) with the object SkyRiver.

When you record a route list, a route is created in the SkyRiver. About the transfer of the route to SkyRiver says filled field ID SkyRiver:

Integration-of-1S-with-SkyRiver-GPS-monitoring-service 2
Fig. 2. Creating a SkyRiver route when recording a route sheet.

So it looks like in SkyRiver. The "Control" tab displays information about the route points (outlets):

Integration-of-1S-with-SkyRiver-GPS-monitoring-service 3
Fig. 3. Information about outlets in SkyRiver.

The "Plan" tab shows the route. The route number is equal to the document number of the Route Sheet.

Integration-of-1S-with-SkyRiver-GPS-monitoring-service 4

Fig. 4. Information about the route in SkyRiver.

For the delivery method "Delivery service", the main branches of the delivery services are provided.

Integration-of-1S-with-SkyRiver-GPS-monitoring-service 5
Fig. 5. The document "Route sheet". Basic Departments of Delivery Services.

Orders through the delivery service will be grouped by it on the Route tab and the address of the main office is set.

When you record a Route sheet document, the GPS coordinates of the address are determined, and the transfer to SkyRiver with the formation of a route in this system. The definition of GPS coordinates is made using Google Maps Geocoding API.

For the correct input of the address, processing is used, which forms the address under the directories "New mail". Thus, with certain certainty, we can assume that the address is real.

Integration-of-1S-with-SkyRiver-GPS-monitoring-service 6
Fig. 6. The document "Buyer's order". Processing for the formation of addresses under the directories "New mail".

The address entered in the "New Mail" directory can be seen on the Google Maps Geocoding API map to determine its correctness.

Integration-of-1S-with-SkyRiver-GPS-monitoring-service 7
Fig.7. View the correctness of the address in the "New Mail" directory on the Google Maps Geocoding API.

Required requirements: Integration with New Mail.

Integration cost: 8000 UAH (including integration into the customer’s configuration).

Developer: NCT

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