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Business processes. Creation in the mode "1С:Підприємство". Managed Forms (Configurations: UT 3, UNF)

Создания бизнес-процессов в режиме "1С:Підприємство":
  • Возможность построения схем бизнес-процессов в пользовательском режиме работы, в "1С:Підприємство" (не через конфигуратор);
  • Автоматическое создание бизнес-процессов при записи документов.

Industry ATP, transport management  Production  Printing houses  Wholesale  Medical clinics, medical institutions  Rent of equipment for rent  Service station, car service, sale of spare parts and cars  Online store  Tourism  
Category Controlled forms  CRM. Business-processes  
Type Management Accounting  
Cofigurations BAS Trade Management, редакція 3.2  Management of a small company  ERP: Enterprise Management, edition 2.0  BAS Integrated enterprise management  Trade Management for Russia, edition 11  
Business processes. Creation in the mode "1С:Підприємство". Managed Forms (Configurations: UT 3, UNF)
UAH 4 000
Full description

Creating business processes in the "1С:Підприємство" mode:

  • Ability to build business process diagrams in user mode, in "1С:Підприємство" (not via the configurator);
  • Automatically create business processes when recording documents.

The solution is integrated into the main database configuration as a separate subsystem and, absolutely, minimally changes the main configuration.

It may be interesting to those who want to build their own "CRM" subsystem (without using ready-made solutions, for example, from "Rarus") and organize work from tasks on business processes and tasks.
Can be integrated into configurations on managed forms. In addition, you can put this subsystem in the configuration on conventional forms, enabling compatibility mode with managed forms "1С:Підприємство".

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Create a business process template in the Business Process Templates section.

Create a business process name and business process description.

We are starting to create a graphical diagram of a business process.
Mark the element of the graphic scheme we need and select the location of the element in the field of the graphic scheme.

Connect lines between elements.

Set the parameters for the created element and fill in the description.

In the field "New Document" for the element of the graphic "Action" you can specify the type of document being created.

Create a template write.

We start the creation of a business process in the section "Business Processes".

Specify the business process template.

The business process started and created the first task.

When you click "Route Map" opens a graphical diagram of the current business process.

In the "Tasks" section, the user can see his current tasks.

When creating tasks, user reminders are also created.

An example of performing business process tasks.

In the route map, the completed stages are marked with a gray background, and the current stages are highlighted with a red border.

In the "Business Processes" section you can see the status of business processes and tasks.

Also created a mechanism to automatically create business processes when writing any document.

Create a setting in which we specify a business process template.

Select the document at which recording the business process will be created.

In the "Filters" section we create conditions for the automatic creation of a business process.

In this example, the business process will be created when the Customer’s Order Document is written.

When writing a document, a business process was automatically created.

Solution cost: 4000 UAH
Developer: NCT Company

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