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Import of the table part of the document from Excel. The "Fill from Excel" button above the "Goods" table in the document

Импорт табличной части документа из файла Excel
Кнопка "Заполнить из Excel" над табличной частью "Товары" в документе

Industry ATP, transport management  Printing houses  Wholesale  Medical clinics, medical institutions  Rent of equipment for rent  Service station, car service, sale of spare parts and cars  Online store  Tourism  
Category Additional settings  Common forms  
Type Management Accounting  
Cofigurations Trade management  Manufacturing enterprise management  Trade Management, edition 2.3  Trade Management, edition 10.3  
Import of the table part of the document from Excel. The "Fill from Excel" button above the "Goods" table in the document
UAH 3 500
Full description

The processing is intended to download the table parts of documents from external files in the "Excel" format with the ability to match the nomenclature . The correspondence of the nomenclature is filled once and then used for subsequent downloads with Excel.

In addition, this tool can be used to download the table pieces of documents for entering commodity balances when moving from "1C:Підприємство" 7.7 to "1C:Підприємство". Necessity of filling correspondences of the nomenclature appears, if in "1C:Підприємство" began to use the characteristics of the nomenclature from which the names of nomenclatures in "1C:Підприємство" 7.7 and "1C:Підприємство" 8 become different.

Processing can be used for any kinds of documents, where in the table section there is a nomenclature.
Below is a video demonstrating the work of processing by automatically filling out table parts of documents from Excel files. The video focuses on downloading price-lists of counterparts in "1C:Підприємство", but from 06:08 minutes is shown an example of downloading the table part of the document "order to the supplier" from the order to the supplier in the Excel file.

Description of processing functionality

The reference to processing is added in the form of a document where the table part needs to be loaded, an example (Fig. 1)

Рис.1. Пример вызова обработки из формы документа.

Fig.1. Example of calling a processing from a document form.

Рис.2. Форма диалога обработки «Загрузка табличной части документа из файла Excel»

Fig.2. Processing dialog form "Downloading the table part of a document from an Excel file".

In the form of the processing dialog, import parameters are set (Fig. 2):

  • path to the Excel file;
  • import range of lines of the file Excel "from-to";
  • the column number of the Excel file where the name of the inventory is located;
  • column number with the number of items;
  • column number with the price of the item;
  • column number with the amount of the item.
Props "Document" is filled automatically with a link to the document from which the processing is called.
Рис.3. Форма диалога обработки на закладке «Таблица соответствий»

Fig.3. The processing dialog form on the Matching Table tab.

On the "Matching Table" tab, the nomenclature of the nomenclature in the "Excel" file of references to the nomenclature reference book and characteristics in "1C:Підприємство".

Clicking the "Run" button imports the table part of the document.

Processing can work in any configurations "1C:Підприємство"on common forms:
  • Management of a trading enterprise;
  • Manufacturing enterprise management;
  • Trade Management, edition 2.3;
  • Accounting for Ukraine, edition 1.2;
  • Other configurations.

Cost of work: 3500 UAH taking into account the integration costs in the configuration of the customer.

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