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Optimizing the program code. Diagnosis of settings in the configuration of "1С:Підприємство". Eliminating bottlenecks

Диагностика и оптимизация программного кода — это услуга по выявлению и устранению проблемного кода в настройках конфигурации «1С 8″, вызывающего значительное замедление в работе информационной системы.

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Optimizing the program code. Diagnosis of settings in the configuration of "1С:Підприємство". Eliminating bottlenecks
UAH 2 000
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Diagnostics of settings in the configuration "1С:Підприємство". Eliminating bottlenecks»

Diagnosis and optimization of the program code is a service for identifying and eliminating the problem code in configuration settings "1С:Підприємство", causing a significant slowdown in the operation of the information system.

In the framework of this task our specialists perform the analysis:

  1. How the system works with the existing database filling and the peculiarities of document management .
  2. Conflicts of locks are detected and not optimal queries.
  3. Analysis of the general architecture of the information system.
  4. Identify known problem points in which errors are common.
  5. Identify bottlenecks in the equipment.

When Diagnostics and Optimization is necessary

  • with slow operation of the base, "braking" the information system;
  • if there are high loads on the system (periodic or permanent);
  • when inexplicable errors occur;
  • if the number of users exceeds 30.

Why Diagnostics and Optimization

Any database with more than 10 GB capacity and more than 30 users has certain risks, especially if the configuration of the information system was configured. Frequent conflicts of locks, emergency shutdown of the system, errors when working with the information system - this is evidence of the need to diagnose and optimize the system. Critical problems must necessarily be addressed, since they can lead to the destruction of the database.

By experience, in any database with the number of users from 30, sooner or later there are problems and the most unpleasant, when these problems manifest themselves in the period of maximum activity. Diagnose well in advance to identify and resolve problems before they become critical to business.

Works are performed remotely. Our specialists independently set up the collection of the necessary data for analysis when providing remote access.

Cost of Diagnostics and Optimization: from 2000 UAH.

Term of work - 2-3 working days!

Developer: NCT

Review for 30 minutes of free work on settings and consultations

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