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Online accessibility services. Implementation of the ability to execute a request from the site by the application number to determine its status in the database "1С:Підприємство"

Если с сайта необходимо предоставить возможность быстрого ответа по номеру заявки, которая есть в "1С:Підприємство", но Вы не готовы покупать дополнительные лицензии (не хотите впускать «лишних» пользователей в "1С:Підприємство", или есть иные причины), то использование HTTP-Сервисов – это то, что вам нужно.

Для реализации получения информации клиентами нужно:

  • "1С:Підприємство" 8.3.10 или выше;
  • Веб-сервер (например Apache), где будет опубликован http-сервис. Сервис должен быть доступен с сети интернет;
  • Решить, какие данные мы хотим получать от клиента, и которые отдаем в ответ;
  • Продумать, внешний вид страницы, на которой клиент будет вводить запрос, и внешний вид страницы с ответом. Решить, где на сайте будет размещена ссылка на страницу для ввода запроса;
  • Обе страницы можно стилизовать под общий стиль сайта.

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Full description

If you need to provide a quick response from the site to the application number that is in "1C:Підприємство", but you are not ready to buy additional licenses (do not want to allow "extra" users to "1C:Підприємство", or there are other reasons), then using HTTP -Services - this is what you need.

For the implementation of obtaining information by customers need:

  • "1C:Підприємство" 8.3.10 or higher;
  • A web server (for example, Apache) where the http service will be published. The service must be accessible from the Internet;
  • Decide what data we want to receive from the client, and which we give back;
  • Consider the appearance of the page on which the client will enter the request, and the appearance of the page with the answer. Decide where the link to the page for entering the request will be placed on the site;
  • Both pages can be styled to the overall style of the site.

An example of the types of information that can be provided through services:

  • the buyer's order status;
  • the status of the repair order for the gadget;
  • the current price list;
  • any other information.


The organization is engaged in repairing electronics. Each client has a receipt for the reception of his device for repair. The problem is that when customers start calling to find out the state of their device, managers simply do not have the opportunity to do more “useful” things.

The management made a decision to make a service that will show users, in real time, what state their order is and, as a result, will unload managers.

The only question that arose in the course of implementation was how to determine that the one who requests the information is entitled to it? The decision was made as follows. In addition to the application number, use the customer's phone number.

Some pictures, what it looks like

Сервисы онлайновой доступности. Это попытка несанкционированного доступа к информации.

Fig.1. Dialogue when trying to unauthorized access to information.

On the following form, the client received the data to which it is entitled.

Клиент запросил информацию о состоянии заявки. Клиент ввел на сайте номер заявки и номер телефона, получил данные о состоянии заявки

Fig.2. The client has requested information about the status of the application. The client entered the application number and phone number on the website, received data on the status of the application.


When implementing this solution used: HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

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