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Managerial salary, automation

Модуль "Управленческая зарплата" предназначен для организации учета, начисления и выплаты Управленческой зарплаты.

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Type Management Accounting  
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Managerial salary, automation
UAH 5 000
Full description
The module "Managerial salary" is intended for the organization of accounting, calculation and payment of the Administrative salary.

The scheme of document circulation on administrative salary:


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Functional module "Managerial salary" details

1S8-Managerial-salary-automation 1

Fig. 1. The menu "Managerial salary" in the main menu "Documents".

1. The document "Recruiting for an enterprise (Managerial salary)" - this document is accepting a new employee for workу.

In the document we indicate: for which position we accept the employee (the "Organizations' Posts" book), the date of admission is filled. The type of accrual of wages (the calculation register of "Charges") is determined. Example: "fixed rate", "percentage of gross profit".

What does the accrual card look like: the form indicates the name, the type of accrual: the percentage of sales revenue, the percentage of sales margin, etc., and the way of reflection in management accounting (the handbook "Methods of reflecting wages in management accounting", indicates "percentage" if the species accruals "Percentage of income from sales" or "percentage of sales margin".

Fig. 2. The document "Employment at the enterprise (Managerial salary)", a form of dialogue. Register of payment types "Charges (Managerial salary)".

2. The document "Withholding from the employee." With this document, deductions are made from the employee in the course of his work, then the deduction data will be deducted from the salary in the document "Payroll of the enterprise's salary". The Hold register contains a list of types of deductions.

Fig.3. The document "Withholding from the employee (Managerial salary)", a form of dialogue. Register of calculation types "Deductions (Managerial salary)".

3. The document "Bonus to the employee." The document works in a manner similar to the document "Withholding from the employee", but, in turn, for calculating the premium to the employee. The bonus is accrued on the day when the manager decides to accrue it to the employee, and the payment is made according to the document "Charging the company's salary". The sum of all bonuses for each employee is added to the amount of the accrued salary. The list of premium types is set in the "Premium" calculation register.

Fig.4. The document "The employee's bonus (Manager's salary)", a form of dialogue. Register of calculation types "Premium (Managerial salary)".

4. The document "Dismissal of an employee of an enterprise". The document fulfills the employee's dismissal procedure. The document establishes the person responsible, the employee and the reason for the dismissal (the reference book "Reasons for leaving the company").

Fig.5. The document "Dismissal of an employee of an enterprise (Managerial salary)", a form of dialogue. Guide "Reasons for leaving the company".

5. The document "Missed working days." Specifies the period in which the employee was absent from work, for the reason: absenteeism, leave, wasted, etc. The number of days is calculated automatically. 

Fig.6. The document "Missed working days (Managerial salary)" (Holiday), form of dialogue.

6. A regulated production calendar. The calendar defines the days of the company's work to calculate the administrative salary, where workers, holidays and weekends are filled. According to the calendar, namely - the number of working days, the calculation of the administrative salary.

Fig.7. Appearance of the regulated production calendar.

7. Document "Adjustment of employee's accruals." This document corrects the list of accrual types. Here you can add new types of charges or adjust the rate for existing types of charging. For example: there was a fixed rate < >, and from the date of the document there will be <>.

Fig. 8. Form of the dialogue of the document "Adjustment of employee's accruals".

8. The document "Calculation of the salary of the enterprise". The main document of the module "Managerial salary". With the help of this document we make payroll taking into account the already paid advances accrued since the previous payment of the salary - Prize, Withholding. The result of the work of the document are formed not spent cash orders. Formation of the document is carried out in one click on the button "Fill and calculate". When the document is refilled, the cash orders are not updated. When filling out the document, the dismissed employees are taken into account, all types of charges and deductions at the time of the formation of this document are added to the accrued salary of the premium, deductions and fines are calculated, and amounts of advance payments for cash orders are deducted from the last payment of the salary.

Fig.9. The main document of the module "Managerial salary", the document "Calculation of the salary of the enterprise", a form of dialogue.

Fig.10. The result of the work of the document "Payroll of the enterprise" - formed, not spent, cash account orders.

While developing the module, the module "Managerial salary", which is available on the Internet in free access.

The cost of the module: 5000 UAH.

Developer: NCT

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The company "PromSIZ" is a national manufacturer, developer and supplier of personal protective equipment, one of the largest enterprises in Ukraine for complex customer service of various industries.
Since 1998, our company has been providing industrial enterprises in Ukraine and neighboring countries with personal protective equipment that guarantees the safety of workers when performing production tasks and increases labor productivity in enterprises.
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To maintain a stable level of performance of the company's information system, for more than 10 years we have been using the services of the NCT team, under the leadership of Sergey Gashuk.
During this time, we have implemented a comprehensive implementation of the configuration of “Management of trade enterprises”, automated the motor transport company using the configuration “Management of automobile trade”, which allowed us to bring the quality of services to a whole new level.
We express our gratitude to the team for their professionalism in fulfilling the tasks set, we are satisfied with the results of the services received over several years.

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