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Maintaining mutual settlements, when payment is performed by the central office, and shipping to the final stores

Пример использования: оплата выполняется центральным офисом сети супермаркетов, а отгрузка выполняется супермаркетам.

Industry ATP, transport management  
Category Additional settings  Common forms  
Type Accounting  
Cofigurations Trade management  Manufacturing enterprise management  Trade Management, edition 2.3  Trade Management, edition 10.3  
Maintaining mutual settlements, when payment is performed by the central office, and shipping to the final stores
UAH 2 600
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In typical "1C:Підприємство" this task is implemented partially, by providing the ability to group the data on mutual settlements by the "Head Counterparty" details in the element card of the "Counterparties" directory. But, this implementation does not allow accounting under contracts, due to the fact that mutual settlements for payment and shipment have been made under different contracts. Also, the report "Debitort by the time of occurrence" does not work correctly, which uses debit balance under settlement agreements during its formation. Similar problems with other reports on mutual settlements. This situation is solved by this setting.

Справочник «Контрагенты», где в отдельной группе контрагентов вводятся все магазины торговой сети вместе с основным офисом, по которому ведутся взаиморасчеты
Fig.1. Directory "Counterparties", where in a separate group of counterparties all shops of the trading network are entered together with the main office, on which mutual settlements are conducted.

Карточка отдельного магазина, где установлен флаг «входит в холдинг или является филиалом» с выбором головного контрагента, по которому ведутся взаиморасчеты.
Fig.2. The card of a separate store where the flag "is included in the holding company or is a branch" is installed with the choice of the head counterparty for which settlements are made.

Заказ покупателя.jpg

Fig. 3. The document "Buyer's order", where in the "Counterparty" field a particular store is selected that is being shipped.

Fig.4. The document "Realization of goods and services" is entered on the basis of the buyer's order, the "Payer" requis and the payer's contract are filled in. The payer is the main counterparty from the counterparty card.

Движение документа «Реализация товаров и услуг» по регистру «Взаиморасчеты с контрагентами». Взаиморасчеты ведутся по головному контрагенту, аналогично взаиморасчеты по бухгалтерскому учету.

Fig.5. Movement of the document "Realization of goods and services" in the register "Mutual settlements with counterparties". Mutual settlements are conducted by the head counterparty, similarly to mutual settlements in accounting.

Отчет «Ведомость по взаиморасчетам с контрагентами». Учет взаиморасчетов по головному контрагенту при этом обороты по продажам учитываются по конечным магазинам.

Fig.6. Report "Statement of mutual settlements with counterparties". Accounting for mutual settlements by the head counterparty, while sales turnover is taken into account in the final stores.

Cost of work: 2600 UAH (turn-key, taking into account the costs of integration into the configuration of the customer) 

Developer: NCT

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