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Accounting for bonuses. Bonuses from sales turnover, bonuses for payment, bonuses on the line of sale

Подсистема предназначена для ведения учета бонусов покупателям, диллерам по следующим видам:
  • Бонусы от оборота продаж (с возможностью задания процента для отдельной номенклатуры);
  • бонусы по оплате;
  • бонусы по строке в расходной накладной.

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Type Management Accounting  
Cofigurations Trade management  Manufacturing enterprise management  Trade Management, edition 2.3  Trade Management, edition 10.3  
Accounting for bonuses. Bonuses from sales turnover, bonuses for payment, bonuses on the line of sale
UAH 8 000
Full description

The subsystem is designed to record bonuses to customers, dealers on the following types:

  • bonuses from sales turnover (with the possibility of specifying a percentage for a separate item);
  • bonuses for payment;
  • bonuses per line in the invoice.


Tasks of kinds of bonuses for counterparts.

The ability to automatically connect counterparties to the types of bonuses.

Задание видов бонусов для контрагента

Fig.1. Specifying types of bonuses for the counterparty.

Ability to set bonus percent for selected items of the nomenclature so that bonuses are accrued to counterparties if the counterparty is connected to the bonus system "Bonus by nomenclature".
Задание процента бонуса по номенклатуре для всех контрагентов, кому доступен вид бонуса "По номенклатуре"

Fig.2. Specifying the percentage of the bonus for the nomenclature for all counterparties who can view the bonus "By nomenclature".

Bonus accrual to the counterparty for payment.

The payment order specifies the percentage of the bonus, there is the possibility of specifying an alternative recipient of the bonus. When conducting a payment order, the bonus is charged under the Bonus Account.

Настройка и ввод значения бонусов по оплате от покупателя

Fig.3. Set up and enter the value of bonuses on payment from the buyer.


Bonus calculation for each line in the invoice.

Начисление бонусов по каждой строке расходной накладной

Fig.4. Bonus calculation for each line of the invoice.

Maintaining mutual settlements on bonuses

By mutual settlements, bonuses are paid for a separate bonus contract. Further, the accrued amount can be paid out with an out-of-pocket cash warrant or offset against the sale of goods or make a netting.

Организация регистров для хранения данных

Fig.5. Organization of movements on the invoice. Mutual settlements accrued on a separate bonus contract.

There is a possibility of crediting a bonus to another counterparty.

Настройка получателя бонусов

Fig.6. Set up a bonus recipient.

 Report "Gross Profit"

The profit is calculated taking into account the accrued bonus.

Отчет "Валовая прибыль". Прибыль рассчитывается с учетом начисленного бонуса

Fig.7. The report "Gross profit". The profit is calculated taking into account the accrued bonus.

The module is compatible with configurations on conventional forms:

  • Managing a trading enterprise;
  • Production plant management.


Our company developed other types of accounting bonuses, more complex.

The cost of this module: 8000 UAH (excluding the cost of implementation in the configuration of the customer).

Developer: NCT

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