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Handling "Printing envelopes"

Учет почтовой корреспонденции по обмену документами с контрагентами. Печать конвертов.     

  • Почтовое письмо, как отдельный документ в учетной системе, связанный с первичными документами. Преимущества:
    • В структуре подчиненности всегда можно увидеть дату отправки письма; 
    • В документе «Почтовое письмо» виден список документов, которые были отправлены и на какой почтовый адрес были отправлены.
  • Возможность напечатать на конверте А5 формата адрес откуда, адрес куда и логотип.

Industry Printing houses  
Category Common forms  
Type Management Accounting  
Cofigurations Trade management  Manufacturing enterprise management  
Handling "Printing envelopes"
UAH 2 000
Full description

Accounting for mail correspondence on the exchange of documents with counterparties. Printing envelopes.     

  • A mail letter as a separate document in the accounting system associated with primary documents. Benefits:
    • In the subordination structure you can always see the date the letter was sent; 
    • The document “Mail Letter” shows a list of documents that were sent and to which mailing address they were sent.
  • Possibility to print the address from where, address where and logo on an A5 envelope.

Implemented on the configuration "Trade Management" (TM).

Separately, we can implement for configurations on managed forms.


More details

The “Mail Letter” document is created on the basis of the “Buyer Order” document. Moreover, by default, the customer’s order in the amount of “1” and the sale of goods, if any, in the amount of “2” are included in the tabular part “What are we sending”.
Depending on what documents are still being sent by this mail letter, you can add other documents to the tab “What are sent” or you can enter the name of the document in text.

Fig. 1. Entering the “Mail Letter” document based on the customer’s order.

Filling in the delivery address in the mail.

The delivery address is filled out from the contact information “Delivery address”, if it is not filled out, then from the type of contact information “Actual address of the counterparty”.

Fig. 2. The document "Mail Letter" created on the basis of a customer’s order.

Fig. 3. You can print the envelope by clicking on the “Envelope” button in the form of a “Mail Letter” document.

In the structure of the subordination of the customer’s order or the sale of goods and services, you can see the date the letter was sent, Fig. 4.

Fig. 4. A mail letter in the subordination structure of sales documents.


Journal of all sent letters - “Mail letters”.

The details are displayed in the journal, fig. 5:

  • shipment dates;

  • counterparty;

  • to which address is sent;

  • who sent;

  • a comment.

Fig. 5. Journal of documents “Mail letters”.

Cost of work: 2000 UAH. taking into account the costs of integration into the customer’s configuration.

Developer: Company "ENCITY"

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