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Downloading counterparties from an Excel file

Настройка позволяет выполнить автоматическую загрузку контрагентов из файла Excel.

Industry ATP, transport management  Printing houses  Wholesale  Medical clinics, medical institutions  Rent of equipment for rent  Service station, car service, sale of spare parts and cars  Online store  Tourism  
Category Common forms  
Type Management Accounting  
Cofigurations Trade management  Manufacturing enterprise management  Trade Management, edition 2.3  Trade Management, edition 10.3  
Downloading counterparties from an Excel file
UAH 3 000
Full description

Configuration allows you to automatically download counterparties from an Excel file.

Can be used in "1C:Підприємство" configurations on regular forms, namely:
  • Managing a trading enterprise;
  • Managing a manufacturing enterprise;
  • Trade Management, Edition 2.3;
  • Accounting, Revision 1.2.

More info

In the list of the directory "Counterparties", the button "Importing counterparties" is added to the top panel.

Fig.1. The button "Import of counterparties" is added on the top panel of the list of the directory "Counterparties".

When you click on the "Import counterparties" button, the processing form "Import of counterparties" opens.

Fig.2. Form of processing "Import of counterparties".

In the "Import counterparties" processing form, in the "File name for downloading" field, specify the required Excel file for import. To do this, go to the selection directory and select the file.

Fig.3. Specifying a file in Excel for downloading.

In the form of processing "Import of counterparties" after selecting a file for downloading, you must also fill in: the parameters for adding addresses to the contact information of individuals; number of start and end of import lines, and default values for new counterparties.

Fig.4. Specifying data in the form of processing "Import of counterparties".

After filling in the parameters, click "Next", the "Table of data received from Excel file for importing counterparties" is displayed. Check the data and click on "Import".

Fig.5. Data table for importing counterparties from Excel file.

After specifying the data and completing the download, imported counterparties were added to the list of the "Counterparties" directory.

Fig.6. Completion of import of counterparties and adding them to the list of the directory "Counterparties".

The cost of setting: 3000 UAH  

Developer: NCT


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