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Batch input of applications for spending money on the basis of a cash flow plan

Настройка выполняет групповое создание документов «заявка на расходование средств» согласно утвержденному плану движений денежных средств, а также — возможность организации процесса согласования и утверждения заявок на расходование средств по этапам:

  •  этап. 1. Предварительный план (формируется автоматически финансовой службой);
  •  этап. 2. План руководителя ЦФО (корректируется руководителем центра финансовой ответственности);
  •  этап. 3. Утверждение плана финансовым директором.

Industry Wholesale  
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Type Management Accounting  
Cofigurations Trade management  Manufacturing enterprise management  Trade Management, edition 2.3  Trade Management, edition 10.3  
Batch input of applications for spending money on the basis of a cash flow plan
UAH 3 000
Full description

Setup performs group creation of documents "application for spending of funds" in accordance with the approved plan of cash flows, as well — as the possibility of organizing the process of agreeing and approving applications for spending of funds on the stages:

  •  Step. 1. Preliminary plan (formed automatically by the financial service);
  •  Step. 2. The plan of the head of the Central Federal District (corrected by the head of the financial responsibility center);
  •  Step. 3. Approval of the plan by the CFO.

Пакетный ввод заявок на расходование денежных средств

The configuration can be used in any configuration, where there are documents "Cash flow plan" and "Application for spending money".


Description of the setting

The process of group formation of documents "Requests for the use of funds" is carried out in the document "Cash flow plan" (Fig. 1). If the "Negotiations and approvals" mode is enabled, it becomes possible to reconcile the amounts and dates of spending of funds in the steps listed above.

Рис.1 Документ «План движение денежных средств»

Figure 1. The document "Cash flow plan".


The next step is to select the lines of the cash flow plan for the formation of requests for spending (Fig. 2). Here you can set the flag "to combine payments by one counterparty, organization and the payment deadline", in such cases, one application will be created for payment to each counterparty, where the order line will contain orders from customers.

Рис.2 Форма отчета «Пакетный ввод заявок на расходование средств»

Fig.2 Dialogue of choosing the lines of the cash flow plan for the formation of requests for expenditure. 
In Fig. 3. the list of the formed applications for an expenditure of money resources is shown.

Рис.3 Диалоговое окно со списком сформированных заявок на расходование средств
Fig.3 Dialog box with the list of generated applications for the expenditure of funds.



The cost of setting: 3000 UAH. (without considering the cost of integration into the customer configuration).

Developer: NCT

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