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Automation of work according to the scheme Dropshipping

Автоматация работы по схеме Дропшиппинг.

Варианты работы по схеме Дропшиппинг:
  • 1 вариант. Клиент оплачивает нам (интернет-магазину);
  • 2 вариант. Клиент оплачивает поставщику, а мы (интернет-магазин) получаем бонус.

Industry Wholesale  Online store  
Category Additional settings  Common forms  Controlled forms  
Type Management Accounting  
Cofigurations Trade management  Manufacturing enterprise management  Trade Management, edition 2.3  BAS Trade Management, редакція 3.2  Management of a small company  СRМ 1.4 from Rarus  СRМ 2.0 from Rarus  ERP: Enterprise Management, edition 2.0  СRМ 2.0 from "1C:Підприємство"  BAS Integrated enterprise management  Trade Management, edition 10.3  Trade Management for Russia, edition 11  
Automation of work according to the scheme Dropshipping
UAH 5 600
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Automatic work on the scheme Dropshipping.

Variants of work under the scheme Dropshipping:
  • 1 option. The customer pays for us (online store);
  • Option 2. The customer pays the supplier, and we (the online store) receive a bonus.

1. Option, when payment for the goods is performed by us, does not require special automation
- this is the standard sale scheme, the only thing you can buy is the warehouse with the name "Supplier's warehouse" and write off from the implementation of this warehouse.

2. Option when payment is made to the supplier (Fig. 1), and we (online store) will receive our bonus for the sale from the supplier, requires additional automation. In typical configurations, this scheme is not automated.

1С 8: Автоматизация схемы работы Дропшиппинг
Fig. 1. The dropshipping scheme, when payment is performed by the supplier, the supplier delivers the goods, we receive our bonus from the supplier.

Under this scheme, the accrual of debt to the supplier for the bonus amount is automatized. The document circulation is organized with the possibility of selection according to the type of sales scheme.

Cost of setting: 5600 UAH taking into account the integration costs in the configuration of the customer.

Developer: NCT

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