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Develop mobile applications for Android

  • Разработка мобильных приложений, взаимодействующих с центральной базой данных;
  • Разработка независимых мобильных приложений;
  • Взаимодействие с конечными пользователями через мобильные приложения.

Industry ATP, transport management  Production  Printing houses  Wholesale  Medical clinics, medical institutions  Rent of equipment for rent  Service station, car service, sale of spare parts and cars  Online store  Tourism  
Category Controlled forms  
Type Management Accounting  
Cofigurations BAS Trade Management, редакція 3.2  Management of a small company  Accounting for Ukraine, edition 2.0  СRМ 2.0 from Rarus  ERP: Enterprise Management, edition 2.0  СRМ 2.0 from "1C:Підприємство"  Accounting for Russia and Kazakhstan, edition 3.0  BAS Integrated enterprise management  Trade Management for Russia, edition 11  
Develop mobile applications for Android
UAH 10 000
Full description

  • Develop mobile applications that interact with the central database;
  • Development of independent mobile applications;
  • Interact with end-users through mobile applications.

An example of a solved task on a mobile application:

To enable the storekeeper to record the process of shipping goods in the photo (or video) to provide interested parties with a photoreport on the operation performed.
The program consists of two parts - the client and the server.


The application is designed as a mobile application on "1C:Підприємство" 8.3.7 and compiled into an .apk package, which will install it on a phone or tablet running under the Android operating system. There are two installation packages for the arm and x86 processors. Only standard components of "1C:Підприємство" and Android'a are used. The application is designed for a "non-advanced" user.

Рис. 1. Основной вид мобильного приложения "Отгрузка товаров"
Fig. 1. The main view of the mobile application "Shipment of goods".

Principle of operation:

1. We press the button "Start processing the document". After that, the barcode is scanned, which is placed on a paper document: a receipt or a bill of lading. This will allow you to identify and link photos to a specific document. It is also possible to write a barcode with your hands.

Рис. 2. Вид мобильного приложения после выбора режима "Начало обработки документа". Режим сканирования штрих-кодов документов.
Fig. 2. The type of mobile application after selecting the "Start processing document" mode. Scanning mode for document barcodes.

Рис. 3. Процесс сканирования штрих-кода с мобильного приложения
Fig. 3. The process of scanning a bar code from a mobile application

 2. We make a photo of the process of shipping (or acceptance) of goods by clicking the button "Making a photo of goods". It is possible to connect video. After the photo is taken, we can see the inscription "Total photo 1" - this is the number of photos to the document we are working on. And on the button "Send photos to the server (1)" - in this case - this is the number of all the photos waiting to be sent.

Рис.4. Мобильное приложение в режиме "Делаем фото товара"
Fig.4. Mobile application in the "Make photo of goods" mode.

3. After all the photos are done, press the button "End of document processing"

4. The process of shooting is repeated as many times as necessary.

5. After that all the photos are sent by mail to our server. When sending a protection mechanism, so that all your photos will reach the address.

For more information on the installation, configuration, and operation, see the video at the end of this page.


It is a separate configuration that can be used both independently and by integrating it into your
"1C:Підприємство" configuration. The task of the server part, get photos and sort them according to their respective folders.

Principle of operation:

The server works in automatic mode with the required interval, checking for new messages from the photo. When you receive one, it is immediately obtained, and the photo, in accordance with the instruction, is placed in the file storage.

Video on installation and functionality of the mobile application "Shipment of goods"


Please, we will perform the configuration of the mobile application you need.

Cost of work: 10000UAH.

Developer: NCT

Review for 30 minutes of free work on settings and consultations

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