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Document "Invoice. TTN" for "1С:Підприємство" configurations on controlled forms (TM 3.1, MSF 1.6 and Accounting for Ukraine 2.0)

Документ "Товарно-транспортная накладная. ТТН":
  • Ввод ТТН на основании документа "Реализация товаров и услуг".

  • Возможность сохранения всей введенной информации для печатной формы ТТН в отдельном документе.

  • Автоматическое заполнение ТТН данными, которые есть в заказе покупателя.

  • Справочник «Автомобили», нет необходимости каждый раз заполнять данные по автомобилю.

При установке данного решения в конфигурацию будут добавлены объекты: Документ «ТТН» и справочник «Автомобили».

Industry ATP, transport management  Production  Printing houses  Wholesale  Rent of equipment for rent  Service station, car service, sale of spare parts and cars  Online store  
Category Controlled forms  Transport logistics  
Type Accounting  
Cofigurations BAS Trade Management, редакція 3.2  Management of a small company  Accounting for Ukraine, edition 2.0  ERP: Enterprise Management, edition 2.0  BAS Accounting, edition 2.1  BAS Integrated enterprise management  Trade Management for Russia, edition 11  
Document "Invoice. TTN" for "1С:Підприємство" configurations on controlled forms (TM 3.1, MSF 1.6 and Accounting for Ukraine 2.0)
UAH 4 200
Full description

Document “Invoice. TTN”:

During the installation of this solution, the following objects will be added to the configuration: the “TTN” document and the “Automobiles” reference book.

The solution is intended for use in typical configurations:
  • Trade Management, edited 3.1 (TM 3.1);
  • Accounting for Ukraine, edited 2.0 (AU 2.0);
  • Management of a small company, edited 1.6 (MSF 1.6);
  • Other configurations on managed forms "1С:Підприємство".

In typical configurations - TM 3.1, MSF 1.6 and AU 2.0, the printed form of the TTH is organized as a separate printed form (Fig. 1), in which you need to constantly enter information when trying to print TTH, even if it is done again.

Fig. 1. Standard print form "TTN".

More about the solution

The settings are made without changing the typical configuration. Added a separate document "TTN" (Fig. 2).

Fig.2. The document "TTN". Printout. Uses standard TTN form with typical configuration.

The “TTN” document is implemented as a separate document. Introduced on the basis of the document "Sales of goods and services" (Fig. 3).
In the Car field, you can enter the vehicle data manually or select it from the "Cars" directory. Props "Driver" - this is a typical directory of "individuals".

Fig.3. The document "The sale of goods and services." Creation on the basis of the document "TTN".

The printed form used standard of the typical configuration (processing "PrintTTN").

Fig. 4. Printed form of the document "TTN".

Typical processing "Print TTN" has not changed, therefore, if in a typical configuration the print TTN changes, then the printing form in the TTN document will also change.

Fig.5. Journal of documents "TTN".

Setting cost: 4200 UAH (including integration into the customer’s configuration)

Developer: NCT Company

Review for 30 minutes of free work on settings and consultations

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