Maintenance of accounting systems at IC "Providna"

Maintenance of accounting systems at IC "Providna"

The project for maintaining accounting systems at the insurance company "Providna" lasted for 3 years, starting from July 2020 to August 2023.

  The supported accounting systems:
  • DMS (Voluntary Medical Support);
  • Financial Base (Accounting).
The project is successful, and we have worked well with the management of the insurance company "Providna." We have completed many interesting tasks and helped the insurance company implement a range of planned and ongoing projects.

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The support was provided round the clock. The number of supported users in the DMS accounting system was over 200. The number of specialists from our side included 4 programmers and 2 consultants.

Support of the DMS accounting system, several interesting tasks:

  1. We implemented an API for integration with the mobile application. The mobile app, using this API, interacts with the DMS accounting system to retrieve and transmit the necessary information;
  2. Integration of the DMS accounting system with pharmacy networks:
    • "Wishing Health",
    • "911",
    • "Podorozhnyk",
    • "Farmastor",
    • "ТАS".
  3. We organized an internal chat using the "Interaction System" component;
  4. We automated SMS and email notifications for document updates and sending individual messages based on templates. For instance, when there was a change in an insurance case, messages were sent according to predefined templates;
  5. We implemented automatic task generation from policyholders, which were received through various channels:
    • corporate portal/website;
    • Email;
    • mobile application.
  6. We configured a system for the automatic distribution of tasks among active users of the accounting system;
  7. We automated the automatic tracking of compensation requests for policyholders: requests are automatically added, and the system monitors their completion status, notifications are sent to policyholders during the processing of their requests, ensuring transparency and timely updates;
  8. We fully localized the accounting system into the Ukrainian language, including all dialogue forms, reports, messages, and reference materials.
In addition to these tasks, we performed standard support for the accounting system, which included generating reports, data exchanges with other accounting systems, managing access rights, and other routine system maintenance and operational tasks.

Supporting the accounting base "Financial Base" involved several tasks:

  1. Supporting automatic data exchange with other accounting systems was the primary task. The Financial Base served as the central repository, receiving data from virtually all other accounting systems and providing data on completed financial transactions. As part of this task, numerous services were configured to reconcile the accuracy of the data exchanged with other accounting systems.
  2. Other tasks in the support included managing exchanges with client banks, generating various reports, and handling other miscellaneous responsibilities related to the Financial Base.

   This project with "Providna" insurance company marked a significant milestone for our company, and we are grateful to the management of "Providna" for their trust and collaboration! 

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