"Avtomotiv," a network of service stations in the city of Dnipro.

"Avtomotiv," a network of service stations in the city of Dnipro.

Integration with Binotel, SMS sending, automatic generation of requests from the website, statuses in repair requests and work orders.

Integration of Binotel telephony with AlfaAuto, edition 5 and other tasks on the service station network in Dnepr.
The customer has 4 service stations operating in a single AlfaAuto database, edition 5.

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The tasks implemented as part of the project were:

1. Integration of "AlphaAuto" with the virtual ATC system "Binotel". In addition to the standard functionality (outgoing calls, call history retrieval, contact synchronization, missed calls), we also implemented:

  • We established a convenient call tracking system, lead management, and tracking of missed calls for each service center (branch) separately, as well as in the form of consolidated data for the entire enterprise.

2. We configured an automatic SMS messaging system, which allowed for organizing automated SMS broadcasts, for example:
  • One day and two hours before the scheduled repair appointment date;
  • After the completion of the work, inform the vehicle owner about the completion of the work;
  • Two days after the repair, request feedback on the completed work, provide a link to Google Docs for this purpose, and subsequently transfer the feedback data to AlphaAuto, linking the feedback results with the work order.

Sending SMS messages to "Viber".

3. Data entered on the website is organized and loaded into "AlphaAuto" as repair requests. Customers on the website use quick dialog forms to make requests for services such as "Oil Change" or "Scheduled Maintenance," and after entering their requests, they are transferred to "AlphaAuto" as repair requests.

4. Statuses have been implemented in repair requests and work orders. Statuses that can change automatically are updated automatically. For example, if a work order is set to "Completed," then the repair request's status is automatically updated to "Completed in Work Order." Similarly, if a cash receipt order is created for the work order, the status in the repair request is automatically set to "Paid." This automation helps streamline the tracking and management of repair requests and work orders. Example of statuses in repair requests:

The project lasted for 5 months and involved 4 specialists from our side.

Industry Service station, sale of spare parts and cars  
Direction of automation Transport logistics  
Type Management Accounting  
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