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Connecting "Google Tag Manager" for analytics "E-Commerce"

Диспетчер тегов Google

Продукт полезен для маркетологов и SEO специалистов. Позволяет в "живую" вести аналитику продаж, заинтересованность клиентов в том или ином товаре, что позволяет лучше прогнозировать и планировать продажи. Так же инструмент полезен для SEO, тем что позволяет видеть не просто посещаемость, но и так же проблемные места. Например, для повышения "комфортности" и/или "юзабилити" вашего сайта. 
Удобный бесплатный инструмент, благодаря которому у вас будет больше времени и ресурсов для работы с маркетинговыми кампаниями.
С его помощью вы сможете самостоятельно управлять всеми тегами и настраивать мобильные приложения – вам не придется отрывать от работы своих ИТ-специалистов, чтобы написать или изменить код на сайте.

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Connecting "Google Tag Manager" for analytics "E-Commerce"
UAH 9 000
Full description

Google Tag Manager

The product is useful for marketers and SEO professionals. Allows live analysis of sales, customer interest in a particular product, which allows you to better predict and plan sales. The tool is also useful for SEO, so that it allows you to see not just traffic, but also problem areas. For example, to increase the "comfort" and/or "usability" of your site.

Handy free tool, thanks to which you will have more time and resources to work with marketing campaigns.
With it, you'll be able to manage all your tags and customize your mobile apps - you do not have to disconnect your IT professionals to write or change the code on the site.
Google-Tag-Manager 1

Read more here:

Each owner of a modern online store wants to have high attendance and most importantly more orders. To understand what is now interesting to the buyer and how to properly direct their efforts to increase the attendance of the store, there is a tool for tracking e-commerce E-Commerce. To use it, you need Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics.

We offer you the connection and configuration of this tool to your site on BAS-Bitrix24.

Set up Google Tag Manager

Рис. 2. Настройка Google Tag Manager
Fig.1. Set up Google Tag Manager.

We will carry out all the necessary work on the side of your site:
Google-Tag-Manager 3
Let's show how it works:
Google-Tag-Manager 4

All tracking results will be in Google Analytics.

Google-Tag-Manager 5

Thanks to the new broad features of Google Analytics, you can track all user activity on the site. From coming to the site, before making a purchase.

Every click, every item viewed, all this will be collected in one place.

Thanks to the flexibility of the settings, you can generate any reports on the attendance and behavior of users of your site, as well as control your real and lost profits, you will be able to find out their reasons and further take measures to eliminate them.

Examples of standard reports

Рис. 6. Отчет "Поведение пользователей".

Fig. 5. "User Behavior" report.

Рис. 7. Отчет "Эффективность товаров".

Fig. 6. The report "Product Efficiency".

Google-Tag-Manager 8

Fig. 7. The report "Efficiency of sales". 

Cost of work: 9000 UAH.

Developer: NCT

Review for 30 minutes of free work on settings and consultations

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