Аутсорсинг 1С

Outsourcing 1C

Outsourcing 1C

Many companies have system administrators, full-time specialists. Many conclude contracts with service companies. In the sphere of support and implementation of 1C about the same situation, only a much smaller number of companies holds a 1C specialist in the state.


Several reasons for switching to outsourcing 1C:
  • Good 1C experts are expensive, and a bad 1C specialist becomes "very necessary" after some time and can not cope with work anymore, or even in one "perfect day" the database will be rendered unusable.
  • Tasks for 1C are not always, but occur periodically.
  • One specialist can not answer all questions, because the questions are very diverse and, as a rule, concern not only the technical side of the question.
This is why 1C outsourcing is so popular. It is easier to pay 1 time per month 1300 hryvnia, than monthly to pay 10,000 hryvnia salaries plus taxes. Due to the fact that the 1S outsourcing market in Ukraine is quite large, suppliers of such services are constantly trying to offer the most favorable terms. Our company maintains very democratic prices for similar services. You can see this by visiting the section Price for services.

In addition to the problems described above, there is another problem that can not be ignored. This is due to the dependence of the entire work of 1C on one person. If suddenly something changes, and he does not go to work, then, perhaps, the company will have problems. Especially if no documentation was maintained.

Of course, this is solvable. But there is a question of time and money. It is much easier to prepare beforehand for such a variant, than suddenly realize that nobody is responsible for 1C. And, as you know, the more you work in 1C, the more you depend on it. Do not take chances. It is better to insure yourself in advance.




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