How to clear a user profile

Situations when it is necessary to clean the profile:
  • if the user "1С:Enterprise" receives error messages that other users with similar rights do not have;
  • algorithms do not work as they are programmed, or other incomprehensible situations.

In such cases, first of all, you should "clean the profile" of the user.

In our work we use the following options to clean up a user profile:
  • 1CDelTempFils — it is an exe file with a convenient interface for cleaning all "tails", including "1С:Enterprise";
  •  DelProfile1C8 — this is an archive containing a bat-file, which can be executed manually, with a double click; In addition, it is useful to add it to all users at startup, so that the profile is cleaned each time you boot "Windows" or terminal session; Server administrators: to be processed on the server for all users, then copy it to the server directory: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Main Menu\Programs\Startup
Another option for cleaning the profile - Extras. command-line switch/ClearCache.

This is cleaning the client-server cache (used for thin and thick clients in the "1С:Enterprise" mode). See Fig. 1.

Рис.1. Параметр /ClearCache для возможности очистки профиля пользователя

Fig.1. The /ClearCache parameter to enable the user profile to be cleared


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