Data exchange between "1С:Підприємство" and "Client-Bank" systems

  • Загрузка выписок с «Клиент-банка» в «1С:Підприємство";
  • Выгрузка платежных поручений с "1С:Підприємство" в «Клиент-банк».

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Category Additional settings  Common forms  Controlled forms  
Type Accounting  
Cofigurations Trade management  Manufacturing enterprise management  Trade Management 2.3  BAS Trade Management 3.2  Management of a small company  Accounting for Ukraine 2.0  СRМ 1.4 from Rarus  СRМ from "1С:Підприємство"  ERP: Enterprise Management 2.0  СRМ 2.0 from "1C:Підприємство"  Accounting for Russia and Kazakhstan 3.0  BAS Accounting 2.1  BAS Integrated enterprise management  Trade Management 10.3  
Data exchange between "1С:Підприємство" and "Client-Bank" systems
UAH 1 500
Full description

  • Downloading statements from “Client Bank” to "1С:Підприємство";
  • Unloading payment orders with "1С:Підприємство" to “Client-Bank” ( additional functionality, evaluation at the end of the page).


More details

1. Processing Connection.

Processing is connected as external, without changing the typical configuration.

Fig.1. Menu item "Administration" add processing "Client-bank" to "Printed forms, reports and processing." We indicate the placement.

Fig. 2. In the menu item "Bank and cash desk" is located the processing "Client-bank". When you click "Run" processing will open (Fig. 3).

2. How is the statement being downloaded from the Client Bank.

The downloaded file from the client-bank is loaded by processing in “1C:Підприємство” on the tab “Import statement”. Indicated:

  • discharge date;

  • customer bank name;

  • organization;

  • payment account,

  • path to file downloaded from client-bank.
The client bank exports statements for the period to a file. Files can be of different types - this is selected in the client bank.
In the processing for downloading from the client bank, the statement is downloaded from a specific file type - dbf, csv, xls, xml and other.

Fig. 3. The main form of processing is "Client-Bank". Filling in the required parameters.

By clicking the "Import" button above the tabular section, the file received from the client-bank is read and the statement is downloaded to the tabular section.

Fig. 4. The tab "Import statement" processing "Client-bank". The statements are being downloaded to the tabular section from the file received from the client bank.

If the import is repeated, then the payment documents are located and when the "Generate documents" procedure is performed, the existing documents are updated.

Fig. 5. On the "Import" tab, when "Generate documents" is selected, the existing payment documents are updated.

3. Processing Setting.

Processing settings are performed on the "Settings" tab.

Fig. 6. The main form of processing. The Settings tab, where we can configure the processing and file formats of uploads from Client Banks.

Fig. 7. Processing setup, example of setting the Import tab.


The solution is compatible with typical configurations:
  • Accounting for Ukraine, version 2.0;
  • Accounting for Russia and Kazakhstan, version 3;
  • BAS Accounting for Ukraine;
  • BAS Integrated enterprise management.


The cost of customization:
  • Functionality of loading statements from "Client-Bank" in "1C:Підприємство" — 1500 UAH
  • Functionality of unloading of payment orders from "1C:Підприємство" to "Client-Bank" — 2800 UAH.
  • Implementation of the procedure of automatic filling of the transaction (buyer's accounts, supplier's accounts) - 2800 UAH.

Developer: NCT Company

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